Monday, May 12, 2008

Kissing owies

Just a short post to say that today for the first time, Caleb wanted me to kiss his owie. And when he was trying to put on his own socks and kept catching the sock on his big toe, he kept saying 'ow' and leaning over to kiss his toe.

We have gotten many chuckles out of Caleb because you can touch him and he will say owwwCH (kind of long 'ow' with a real crisp CH at the end) but he can whack into a steel pole or corner of a counter and seem not to even notice. I don't want to make him into a cry baby but it kind of makes me sad that he hasn't seemed to hardly be aware of real pain.


Charissa said...

Caleb sounds WONDERFUL Joy! I'm so glad he is fitting in so well. Thanks for the update!

AZmomto7 said...

That is just so sweet Joy! Caleb is an adorable little boy!

owwwCH! I can hear that in my head. Meghan says yeSSS with the emphasis on the s.

LOL Kara is also a tough cookie. Though lately she is crying more if she bumps her head or Meghanknocks her over, and I think it is because she wants to see if we will come to her. When we snatch her up to give her cuddles she giggles and hugs us.

Isn't it amazing to see them grow to trust and come alive?

Kathy & Matt said...

It sounds like life is going well for your family. And Caleb seems to be doing GREAT!

Please post some photos of him with his new haircut when you can. It sounds so cute!

AZmomto7 said...

I just wanted to add that all the pictures are such a joy to look at Joy, great job!

I am waiting for some good news from you as well...

Karen said...

Joy, it's great to see all the pics and catch up on your life!

You have such a dear family. What a wonderful thing that Caleb wanted you to kiss his owwie!