Monday, August 25, 2008

More Adjustments

I found out that our facilitator had indeed responded to my questions right away but his very lengthy reply had been inadvertently filed in SPAM. The bummer is that he said court in our son's area takes a long time so the adoption can take 3-4 months. (As a comparison, Caleb's adoption took 5 weeks total.) I guess this new information makes it obvious that we will both have to take at least two trips.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Readjusted Hopes

Well, I'm disappointed to say that our home study is not yet resting at the USCIS office. It IS finished but I know our case worker was getting it checked by our stateside facilitator and then I think our worker has to send it to the agency's main office in Boise so the director can sign off on it, too. I requested permission to pick it up at the agency and take it directly to USCIS rather than have the agency mail the completed home study from Boise to me so I can mail it back to Boise USCIS. I guess I'm just feeling like everything is moving so s-l-o-w-l-y and I was hoping it would be snappy quick this time. USCIS called clear back on June 30 to see when our home study would be submitted and I told them 4 weeks!! That was hopeful thinking for sure! We commited to this adoption on the last day of school, May 30, and now school is starting again in just 2 days. I was so hoping to have our dossier done by the end of August :( I guess I feel like I'm letting both our son and the people at Reece's Rainbow down by not getting it completed sooner.

I have to remind myself that we have the medical letters done, the local and state police clearances done, 3 sets of fingerprints done, the certified copy of our deed done, one employment letter in the process of being apostilled right now. We already have passports but I do need to photocopy them again. One employment letter is being re-written for the 3rd time.

We are awaiting the pertinent information so I can finish typing up the cover letter, the petition to adopt and power of attorney forms. The other dossier forms are already typed up.

My hope is that by the time we get our 171H the rest of the dossier will be ready to go as well. I really hope to be back in Eastern Europe in late fall. It boggles my mind to think that almost 1/5 of this year could be spent abroad.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is a little TOO real and etc.

It amazes me how some of my friends manage to blog every single day--sometimes more than once. And they manage to keep their posts to one subject each. Well, you needn't worry about either of those situations on this blog! I'm so far behind I'll just ramble from subject to subject.

Caleb is such a hoot! The other day he let me know in no uncertain terms that he wanted a drink (he'll bring me an empty cup and start pulling on my arm and say "see, see" and point toward the fridge) so I jokingly asked, "are you so thirsty you could die?" He immediately dropped flat on his back like he'd just been shot. It was hysterical!! (I didn't realize how much practice he'd been getting "playing dead" on the trampoline with his brothers.)

He's definitely feeling his oats more, testing Mommy a bit, not minding so quickly. I mean, he's still very easy-going but you can just see that spark of independence and mischief.

Potty training seems to be more mommy-training. If I have him sit on the potty, he'll pee or poo in the potty and if I don't sit him on the potty, he'll pee or poo in his pull-ups. And I honestly am not very good at remembering to take him to the bathroom as regularly as I should. While we were on vacation in our old motor home, he actually did very well at keeping his pants clean--I think because I was much more consistent about the potty. But at home my mind gets so lost in everything else that's going on in our extremely active family that I forget about Caleb's britches. I guess I need to just set the timer (except it's so busy timing time-outs and piano lessons and turns on the computer . . . but I guess that's an excuse, huh?) He IS getting practice with things like pulling pants up and down, flushing, turning on faucet, scrubbing hands, turning off faucet, drying hands--so that's something.

On our new adoption front, I just faxed our medical letters to our social worker yesterday (Monday)--those were all she lacked to complete our new home study. She had everything else all typed up with the exception of Dr. names and visit dates. I am really hoping we can have that study to USCIS by Friday. Please!! Please!! Please!! I personally think it's possible. I told her I'd drive it to Boise on Thursday if that would help her :) Of course then I'm hoping for I-171H within a couple more weeks. And of course, I'm HOPING to get other dossier documents together in those two weeks. Well, it doesn't hurt to hope . . .

On the home front I am very embarrassed to admit I've been dealing with itching. Somehow in late July I got 28 insect bites on one foot and 31 on the other besides those on my legs, etc. I have long joked that I must have sweet blood (in spite of how un-sweet my children think I am) because if anyone is going to get bitten around their ankles it is me. But this concentrated itching was so severe that I thought I was going to have to amputate my feet in order to maintain the two marbles of sanity that I have. I was downing Benadryl, and applying a myriad of ointments. And the really lovely part was that I got to attend Caleb's Mommy and Me swimming class with my elephant-swollen feet and all the beautiful red blotches. (Sorry, no pictures) Several times intelligent people like my mother and husband advised me to see a doctor but I couldn't imagine explaining to a doctor that I got all those bites without ever seeing or feeling any insects on me. Finally, however, exactly a week ago my skin got so painful to the touch that I decided to make an appointment. By the time I got to the Dr's office, my foot hurt so badly I could barely touch it to the floor. I walked away with two prescriptions for cellulitis: an antibiotic and a steroid--and instructions to contact a pest control person. (I can only assume bites came from our house because I haven't been anywhere else) Well, said person visited our house today and didn't find any critters. Please believe me, my house is really NOT a pig-sty. We are assuming that our dog and particularly our cat have less-than-graciously shared their own guests (fleas) with the rest of our household. Yes, our pets have flea collars and have been shampooed with flea soap but I'm guessing they must be getting re-infected from the carpet, couch, etc. The 'pest man' said only 5% of fleas are in the adult form where you can see them hopping--the rest are eggs and larva. So on the day he comes to spray the house, I have to wash ALL the bedding and we'll have to give both animals a bath so that everything starts fresh all at once to try to break this endless cycle.

Now for all those who say we need to 'be real' on our blogs, isn't this just a bit too much!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some of my favorite pictures of Caleb

Caleb posing with teddy bear--a stage prop for young friend's ballet recital 5-24-08
I love these pictures. My girls had these angel wings and halo among their dress-up clothes
All the angel pictures were taken on 5-27-08

Caleb hiking in the South Hills on 6/3/08. It was pretty chilly up there.
Caleb sitting with his family at the Shriner's Circus in Filer munching away on his nachos like a regular guy

MMMMM!! that nacho cheese is pretty tasty 6-12-08
Caleb's initial (and short) dental checkup on 6-18-08. No cavities.
Cool Dude Caleb after getting his vision checked and pupils dilated. Eye exam was normal.
Caleb with inflatable football he won at the duck pond at Hazelton Celebration 6-28-08
Caleb with his sisters dolls on our back deck on 7-27-08
Everyone who knows me very well has already guessed that I finally got pictures downloaded from my cell phone onto our computer. I hope you enjoy them!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Gathering documents

Today we got the corrected employment verification from UPS Freight and the certified copy of our deed. I also sent the second request for employment verification from City of Murtaugh. Little by little, step by step we are getting closer to our son. The UPS letter is the only one that has to be apostilled out of state. Our state-side facilitator (I'm not sure that's the proper term but she's the one that double-checks our documents before we send them overseas to make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed perfectly) is out of country until tomorrow. I plan to fax the documents I have collected so far on Wednesday for her approval. Then the UPS letter can head off to Virginia to certify the notary

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Niagara Springs outing

Yesterday the girls, I and Caleb went with friends to Niagara Springs--a beautiful waterfall proceeds directly out of the Snake River canyon-side. The water in this pool is crystal clear and very cold. Caleb was having a great time sitting in an area that had the BLACKest mud you can imagine and spreading it on legs, arms and finally face. It was hilarious. It shows better in the larger pictures but I didn't think they'd fit here.

I'm sorry. I got these pictures all right side up in the picture gallery but they still come out sideways on here.