Tuesday, June 17, 2008

End of the school year

B. with the new school shirt he was awarded for jump-roping
J with his 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Day, receiving the Citizenship Award
S with a trophy for miles walked and an Honor Roll certificate
T. with her Ms. Reader certificate and award for recorder-proficiency

I just want to take time to publicly acknowledge the awards our kids received at the Awards Assemblies the end of May. B, our oldest son, completed 7th grade and received a school T-shirt from his PE teacher for jumping rope 20 consecutive times. This was quite a feat for him and I'm very proud of his accomplishment. S, our oldest daughter, completed 6th grade and received an Honor Roll pin for being on the A-B Honor Roll the last semester, a certificate for having an overall GPA of 3.05 for the year, a certificate of Faithful Attendance and a trophy for miles walked. T, our youngest daughter, completed 5th grade and received a "Ms. Reader" Certificate. J, our son who completed 4th grade received the Citizenship Award (I liked the part of it that talked about doing right even when it's hard), a certificate for getting at least a Proficient score on all ISAT tests and a Faithful Attendance certificate.

I'm a proud mama.

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