Monday, July 21, 2008

The Adoption Front

We have a couple more pieces of paperwork back--Kevin's verification of employment letter from UPS Freight and my physical. Unfortunately both have minor glitches so they'll have to be re-done. Lately Kevin has been getting Mondays off so he scheduled his physical exam and child abuse clearance fingerprints for today--but SURPRISE --he gets to work today. (Of course, the home study cannot be completed without those 2 little items, and the I-171 can't come without the home study.) I have been praying that he'd get more hours at work so I really can't complain but I was so looking forward to having these final two home study requirements complete.

For anyone who is not familiar with international adoption there are three sets of requirements that you work on somewhat simutaneously: (1) paperwork, documents, references, fingerprints for home study, (2) paperwork, fingerprints, documents for the US immigration folks, and (3) paperwork, documents, fingerprints, procedures that relate specifically to the country you're adopting from and result in a dossier--a "paper baby"-- that is mailed with excitement and trepidation to that country for approval. Since we're just up-dating our home study, the pile of paperwork is considerably thinner than if we were starting from scratch. And because we just completed an adoption from the same country that Little R resides in, I have photocopies of the needed paperwork. But everything still takes time.


Kathy and Matt said...

As I read your post and think about re-doing dossier paperwork, it makes me shudder! Even updating it. So I commend you for doing it all again so soon.

Hope it all falls into place quickly and efficiently for you!

Hope Caleb is continuing to do well, too!

Alice said...

Praying for little R!! He has really stolen my heart. I am so glad you are going after him.

AZmomto8 said...

It does seem easier the second time, but waiting is never fun. Have you heard anything of R at all, how he is, where he is?

AZmomto8 said...

Check Amanda's blog, I have something there for you!