Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lights, Camera, but no action

OK, OK, I admit it! These are actually hanging clothes from another date but you still get the picture.

Boy, I guess the most exciting news of the day is that we got our official referral for R from the SDA at about 5:30. Good grief! That place was packed with people waiting for referrals, I guess. We're supposed to be ready at 9:00 am to go meet the region inspector and hopefully then we'll get to see the orphanage director. Timing of everything is very up in the air since adoptions from this place are unknown, as far as we know.

Other than that I spent the day running our cute little washing machine and hanging wet clothes all over the place. The two pair of jeans I hung on the radiator are destined for slow drying, I'm afraid, since there is very little heat from that source. However, the space heater is doing its cheery best and does a great job keeping our piggies warm while we are in bed.

We just passed up the photo shoot opportunity of the century. We were walking around in Independence Square when this big kid approaches me with this poofy-feathery hawk on his arm. He transfers the bird to my arm and then proceeds to have his buddy take several shots of Kevin, me and the bird. Then the bird is transferred to Kevin's shoulder for my photos. Of course then comes the purpose of the whole exercise: 200 grievnas please. I am sorry to report that we did not take him up on his great offer.

A message to our kids: Daddy sent you guys a message at our ukraine08 address. Let us know if you got it. We could not open our mail from the apartment laptop. We heard on the news that there's a big problem with Internet Explorer--some security issue. We love you so much and hope you are doing well with school, with home work (!), and at home with Brandi. Jesus is with you even when we are not.



We hope all goes smooth for you on your journey . Keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Everything is going good here. The Christmas program at the school was grate, everyone did a good job.

Much love Brandi :)