Sunday, December 14, 2008

We are here

Kevin doing last-minute paperwork on the way to the airport in Boise right after Joy completed hers.

Kevin and his sister, Pauline, visiting at a restaurant at the Boise airport. Thanks, Pauline, for taking care of our van while we were gone.

This school orchestra was playing beautiful Christmas music at the Boise airport.

Above, Joy has a bag and will travel. Below, Kevin is looking bright and chipper on this end of the journey.

The above airplanes were seen in the Minneapolis airport hanging from the ceiling.

The above 4 pictures were taken in the Amsterdam Airport. I don't know why I was so amazed that there really were blue and white china, windmills, wooden shoes and tulips in Holland! And I thought the Christmas decorations were very unique.

I just wanted to let everyone know that our flights went very well, we arrived in Kiev on time and were taken to our apartment by Alexi. I guess his wife Anastasia will be our interpretor. The guy who met us at our apartment is also Alexi. Our apartment is small but seems to have everything we need. There is apparently some kind of problem with heat in this part of the city (we were told the Ukrainian govt failed to pay the gas bill to the Russians so the Russians turned off the heat!) but we have an electric space heater that is working to the best of its ability. Our ceiling is about 16 feet tall. We do have a jacuzzi tub that we haven't tried yet. We are thankful also for the two blankets that Kevin brought with him.

Sorry for not writing yesterday. We don't have internet in our apt yet and though we hunted around we could not find an internet cafe. However, now that we know what to look for, there are several close by. It is costing us 6 grievnas for 1/2 hour! (That's just a little over a dollar!)

I had hoped to go to church this morning but my only contact with the missionary was over the internet. Also with my on-line friend Bev.

We ate last night in the food court of the underground mall at Independence Square (McDonalds!) I absolutely cannot believe we are here again. We also found the grocery store which is very near us. There is a Mister Snack situated on the bottom floor of our building. We are about a block from Independence Square and tonight they were putting the star on top of a huge tree-they call it the New Years Tree--and just got it lighted up.

Our SDA appointment is scheduled for tomorrow--we don't have the time yet. Thank you everyone for your love and prayers.

And a special hug and kiss to all of our kids. We love you lots.


Anonymous said...

you didn't write to me on my e-mail love teresa

Anonymous said...

you know what jessica had her baby friday night the 12 at 7:00pm.
they changed his name to Justice
not sayla(?).

love you lots,

Anonymous said...

Mom, How are you and dad? we did good on our program. i got my D up!! how is ukraine.I am starting my boat so i can get a head start.
LOVE, James

Anonymous said...

DEARmom and dad i got you a Diet coke caffine free and a diet pepsi
caffine free i got a grand caravan
and for dad a new dodge pick up truck
love billy

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy and Kevin!

Everything is just great here on the home front!

The Kids are doing well and helping out alot here at the house.
The Kitchen is clean and ready for the next shift! :)

The play at chruch this morning was just too cute! Caleb blew me a kiss from the stage. He sang all the songs. We had the prettiest Angels, Shephards, and Stars on stage.

Teresa is getting her voice back, and was able to sing in the program.

Brian videotaped it so maybe there is a change to get a copy.

Scheri had a solo, and she did a really good job!

The boys did a really good singing, too.

Oh! Yesterday in the van Caleb was singing Away In The Manger. I actually was able to make out what he was singing!

You guy take care and we will be praying for you. Looking forward to reading more later.
Love, Carol

Alice said...

So glad to hear you are there safe and sound! I will be praying for your SDA appt. tomorrow. I'm so excited to follow along.:)

Anonymous said...

hope all goes well at the appointment

MamaPoRuski said...

Welcome back to Ukraine! Praying for a blessed and easy SDA appointment!

Kathy and Matt said...

Glad to read you are there, safe and sound.

Praying that your appointment goes well.

Looking forward to reading more.

Lou said...

Hi from down south in Izmayl! By now you are probably finished with SDA--- hope it went fast and easy and you will be on your way to your little one soon! HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are there safely. Seems like you just got back.. wow this seemed to go fast. Will be watching for updates. Have fun while you are there as I am sure this time is going to be less stressful. Hugs
Tammy rr