Sunday, August 23, 2009

Steven's evaluations

Caleb and Steven (wearing shades due to pupils being dilated for exam)
Steven in the dentist's chair--he enjoyed using the suction tip.

We have been making the rounds of doctors and appointments for Steven. He saw the pediatrician on July 14 for an initial evaluation. He had blood drawn and neck x-rays taken--both normal. The doc did hear a heart murmur. Steven had a PT evaluation done on July 23, Speech evaluation July 28, OT evaluation on July 30. He qualified for all and has been receiving services at Primary Therapy where he is working hard and loves to 'play'. On August 3 he saw Dr. Mayes, the ENT guy who discovered old drainage behind both ears. A hearing test (where you sit in the sound booth and look for response to various stimuli) showed decreased hearing. Steven is scheduled for tubes on Sept 4 in same-day surgery. On August 17, Steven saw the ophthalmologist who discovered his vision is normal for his age. On August 20, Steven climbed up in the dentist chair for the first time, got x-rays and cleaning and has no cavities. And on the 21st the poor guy had to get 3 shots--he was actually due for 5 but I just couldn't bear that many in one whack so we'll do the final two next week when Caleb gets his well-child check and shots for school.

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