Sunday, August 23, 2009

My parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary--July 25

Scheri is back from her first year at Youth Camp. It was held at the ISU Campus in Pocatello.
Trying to get pictures of Steven and Caleb before heading down to the church for Mom and Dad's celebration. We got much more official family pictures taken prior to the celebration and I hope to post them as soon as the disc is available--they are good so don't miss out :) :) :)

Below are Scheri and Billy

Here are James and Billy. I was so proud of my kids.

Here's James by himself

Here are our two 13-year-olds--Teresa and Scheri--looking lovely. They helped serve the nuts and mints at the reception

Billy wanted to make sure everyone saw his new construction truck with it's lift extended. He got this for a smile and $2 (I think) at a neighborhood yard sale

Here's the cake table down at the church. Decorations were yellow and lavender which were Mom and Dad's original wedding colors in addition to gold in honor of the 50th milestone.

Pastor Bruce singing a beautiful 'love' melody in honor of my parents

My younger brother Mark (who is also a pastor) emceed the event. It was so wonderful to have so many family members and friends in attendance. Someone counted between 131 and 134 there in the Fellowship Hall. My parents have faithfully been in ministry here in Southern Idaho for 50 years (they actually 'tried out' for their first church while they were still engaged) so are loved and respected by many, many people. I would not know that this would be the last time I would ever converse with my cousin, Dan, on this earth.

Opening presents after everyone else had gone home

It was such a wonderful day. Our kids were incredibly well-behaved. My parents, Mark's family (except Jessica) and our family all headed to Gerties in Twin Falls afterwards just to finish it off.

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