Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

July 4 The little boys, Caleb and Steven, get a chance to play together in the bathtub. They seemed to really enjoy themselves. Steven didn't seem scared of the water.

Sunday, July 5. It was my turn to do nursery duty during worship service at church so I decided to keep Caleb and Steven with me even though they are officially too old for that room. Here's Caleb with the dinner he fixed.
Here's Steven by the tool play area. Sorry he is in-motion. I couldn't get a still shot. He seemed to have a good time but didn't know (of course) how to play with the various toys and couldn't seem to be shown at this time.

Both boys at the table: Steven and Caleb

July 8, 2009 Caleb trying to prevent my Dad, "Poppi", from leaving the house

Steven and I were playing with the blocks

July 9, 2009 James, Caleb(blue undies) and Steven (white undies) in the wading pool. I sure hope to put some weight on Steven

July 10 and 11 Teresa's birthday celebration out at Murtaugh Lake. July 10 is actually Kevin's birthday so of course we celebrated that event as well. It was around 8:00 pm by the time the kids and I finally got out there and even later when we were all there and able to sit down and eat. Teresa had two friends, A and J who were able to come, play in the water, spend the night in the tent. J had to go home earlier on Sat morning but A was able to stay for the slaying of the pinata on Saturday. We had bought way too much candy for the beastie so much sugar was had by all. Also my parents are such good sports and were there for the chicken, salads, veggies and cake There was a big motorcycle club get-together at the camp site across the lake so we had live band music until around 1:00 am !!

Out at a picnic table for late dinner

Into our motor home for cake and presents

Caleb and Steven waiting for some cake

Scheri, Billy, Grandpa and Grandma

Saturday morning Teresa and A playing with the Polly Pockets after a swim in the Lake

Teresa and A wearing particles of pinata

Billy, Steven, Teresa, A, Scheri and James gathering candy

There's still some candy residing in that burro

Everyone ran for candy after each shower of candy rained down

Billy and his prize pinata particles
Steven and Kevin with Steven's pile of candy

July 15 Looking over the Snake River Canyon near our occupational therapist's office: Scheri, James, Teresa and Billy. This part is near the Perrine Bridge and looks down on a couple beautiful golf courses

Scheri, Billy and Steven (You can barely see Caleb's feet in front of Scheri)

July 16 A Star is Born: Steven's self-application of red lipstick

July 18 Caleb is "helping" Daddy fix the kitchen faucet while Steven looks on. We have been trying so hard to get various needed projects completed. This same day Kevin also worked on the faucet/stopper in the kids' bathroom. I (Joy) have been working on lots of paperwork projects: I got Caleb's social security card application done and back, got both State and Federal income taxes re-filed with Caleb's missing social security number, got paperwork sent to show Steven as dependent for insurance purposes, sent Steven's registration to the Ukrainian consulate in San Francisco, sent paperwork hoping to clear up the problem with getting Scheri's passport, filled out and mailed the annual report of use of one child's survivor's money. I still need to copy the necessary documents so we can get adoption assistance from UPS Freight and find out what documents I need to send for one-time adoption subsidy from the state. I even got the checkbook balanced!! And I'm updating the blog :)

July 18 Here the guys are relaxing in the living room watching TV: Steven laying on Kevin, Billy on couch, James on tube and Caleb watching
Sunday, July 19 Another ploy of Caleb's to keep Grandma and Grandpa from getting away: lay IN the laundry basket as they try to carry it out the door


Alice said...

Joy, the pictures are great. I love the picture of Steven sleeping on his Daddy on the couch.

Arizona mom to eight said...

Oh goodness, just seeing him in your family is enough to bring happy tears to my eyes. Caleb looks so well and happy. Great pictures.

The Keno Family said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family Joy! It's so wonderful to see Caleb and Steven together. blessings, Mary Ellen