Saturday, July 4, 2009


One very tired little boy in the Kiev airport getting ready to travel to his new home and new family in America

Teresa has a cure for the very-early-morning snack attack

Sharing with her new little brother

On board Flight XXXX from Kiev to Frankfurt scheduled to depart at 5:35 am

A second breakfast at the Golden Arches in Germany. We had about a six-hour lay-over at Frankfurt.

Since our stroller died from a fatal blow apparently suffered at the hands of the luggage handlers on our flight to Kiev, we resorted to using a luggage carrier while whiling away our long stay in Frankfurt. Please don't think too hard of me for using the "leash"--I was afraid Steven would dart off in the crowd and get lost or hurt.

Just another quick note to let you all know we are home safe and sound. We had to meet our taxi driver about 2:30 am so I'm guessing I had about 2 hours of lay-down time and Teresa not much more. I'd just put Steven down to sleep in the red and white striped shirt that I wanted him to be wearing when he became an American citizen so just had to slip on pants, socks and shoes. Steven did WAY better than I had imagined on the long flight--ate well (this little guy is so skinny that his size 3T shorts were sagging on him yesterday) slept well. Just maybe 2 or 3 times that he got a little loud but people around commented what a good traveler he was. One guy that we met in the airport gave him a bag of assorted licorice candies in honor of his special day. Though I really do love Kiev it was wonderful to return to American soil in Denver and wonderfully wonderful to see my family in Boise. 30 hours from leaving our apartment in Kiev we walked into our house in Idaho--all of us home together at last.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this adoption in any way. I can hardly believe it is really me saying, "It is finished!"


Amy L said...

Welcome Home Joy, Teresa, and STEVEN!!!!:)

Arizona mom to eight said...

Welcome home Steven, our newest American Citizen.

Christy said...

Welcome Home! Oh so glad you are all finally HOME! :)

The Keno Family said...

Great to hear you had a safe and uneventful loooooong trip home Joy.
blessings, Mary Ellen

NDMom said...

Praise God for your safe travels home! We so enjoyed meeting you and Teresad. I will be following you to see how Steven blossoms in your loving family!

Love in Him, Paula adopting Bella

Charissa said...

Thank you LORD!! Please post photos soon!!!

Alice said...

So glad you are home. Together at last!!!

Carson's Mom said...

Congratulations! Enjoy!


Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Praise God! You gave the battle to the Lord and He saw to the victory that seemed so unreal! What an awesome end! :) Welocome Home! :)

Molly C said...

Woohoo! That baby boy is HOME

Lyndi said...

Welcome home guys! I'm glad to hear you made it safely, although we miss you in Kiev;) Enjoy your family!!

Anonymous said...

ahhh, finally home seems unreal after all this time! yeah!!