Friday, September 11, 2009

Heart-breaking Math

According to one estimate there are 130 million orphans around the world. (I've heard even higher estimates) I started to comprehend the magnitude of this mind-boggling number a week ago when the thought came to me to figure out how many seconds there are in a year (31,557,600). Did you know that if you read the name of every one of these precious children at the rate of one per second it would take 4 YEARS 43 days and almost 20 hours to read them all--and that is surmising that no more children were orphaned during that time.

This has been haunting me all week. I am hearing the cry of orphans in their distress.

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The Keno Family said...

It makes me ask God what He wants me to be doing! These are His babes and He wants the best for them. God please give us your insight and wisdom. Mary Ellen