Monday, May 10, 2010

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Well Kevin and I have taken the first steps on the journey of several thousand miles to a new daughter in a Eastern European country--NOT Ukraine this time. :)

I'm not sure yet what this country's rules are about posting picture or specific country on our blog so you'll just have to take my word on it that she is a cutie-bug. Or better yet, you can go to and you'll see "Stephanie for the McClain's" [Our page there isn't totally set up yet but that is the same site that anyone interested in donating to our adoption can go. Two really good things are (1) that donations through Reece's Rainbow are totally tax deductible and (2) all funds stay with "Stephanie"--so if for any reason we would have to back out of the adoption, the money stays there to help another family adopt her.]

Hey, wait a minute, this IS a private blog, isn't it?!!! Perhaps that opens up the possibilities a bit as far as posting a picture! I'll have to find out.

There's so much I want to say but right this second I want to just lay out what's been happening so far.

January 31 Pastor preached a sermon about Macedonia. (See May 12 post) Found out later in the week that Bulgaria used to be a part of Macedonia!!

February 16 Had emailed several concerns to Victoria at About a Child and found out we do qualify for adoption from Bulgaria

March 26 Praying about adopting Stephanie

March 27 Email from Shelley that a family has stepped forward to adopt Stephanie

Mid-April Stephanie's adoptive family had to back out. Only few days to find another family before file has to be returned.

April 18 Inquiring about Stephanie with Shelley and Andrea

April 20 Mentioned Stephanie again in my journal

April 22 Trying to figure out if we qualify financially for her country.

April 23 Advocating for Stephanie on Reece's Rainbow while also asking a lot of questions to the adoption agency. Finally sent pre-application and family picture to About A Child, the agency that is handling Stephanie's adoption.

Monday, April 26, about 1:15 AM, Kevin and I finally agreed to try to adopt Stephanie. Extremely busy day but kept having a feeling like I'd just had a positive pregnancy test--just this little interior smile that says I'm having a baby and no one knows it. Just my own special private secret.

Tuesday, April 27, the line from the Bible "Sing oh barren woman" just kept playing over in my mind. With some hunting found that biblical line in Isaiah 54. Another insanely busy day. I believe it was this day--but perhaps Monday-- that I spoke on the phone with both Carla and Victoria from About A Child and printed off documents from About A Child, from Toni and from Reece's Rainbow.

Wednesday, April 28 in Boise airport on way to Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VI in Minneapolis, Kevin tells me about how God was working in his heart concerning adoption over the weekend both through the Men's Fellowship lesson that he taught (David and Abigail--the FATHER is my source) and Children's Church lesson about providing for the needs of a little orphan girl. Kevin's main objection to another adoption was concerns about job stability.

Thursday, April 29 Met Tammy from RR at the Summit. I knew she was specially interested in Stephanie's well-being so I told her our special secret.

Saturday night, May 1- home

Sunday afternoon, May 2 worked for several hours--like 6-- on document for Toni about our family and finances. On Monday May 3 found out the financial part was way too detailed--she only needed a couple lines :) Emailed the shorter version.

May 4 Notarizing documents didn't work out

May 5 Kevin and I went to City Hall and had the 3 initial documents for Toni notarized. Put pictures of our family into a document. After little boys went to school I hurried over to Twin to pick up a printer cartridge. Back home to take, download and print pictures of our house plus print pictures of family. Took documents and pictures back to Twin, copied them and tried to fax copies to Victoria--kept getting answering machine. Gave up. Across town to shipping store. Overnighted the 3 documents by Fed Ex to Boise for apostilles and also paid for shipping on to Stephanie's country. There was $60 difference between Economy and the faster one but didn't seem like the more expensive one was THAT much faster. Afterwards I was feeling I shouldn't have chosen Economy. Back to pick little boys up from preschool.

May 6 Documents arrived at Secretary of State office at 10:13. By the end of the day they were in transit to Tennessee and expected in B------- on the 16th or 17th. Faxed documents to Victoria at AAC. Kevin and I started formally reading through the 26 page service contract from AAC

Friday, May 7 Documents are now in Paris. Arrival date now listed as the 12th. (Toni is out of the office for holidays until the 10th anyway) Signed the AAC service contract--mailed it with two accompanying checks. Finished Family Sponsorship Profile application for Reece's Rainbow--took me forever to write up the little ditty about our family--mailed it with the two accompanying checks. FINALLY got to make the announcement on the Reece's Rainbow yahoo group--so fun to receive so many excited responses.

Tried to contact A New Beginning Adoption Agency. Didn't see our social worker Dixie listed on their site. Concerned that she isn't working for them anymore and we'll have to start with a new worker.

Monday May 10
Paperwork arrived in B----! So glad I used economy rate.
Dixie called from A New Beginning--she IS still with agency. There have been several changes in the agency's policies/procedures since our last adoption. Now all paperwork comes from Boise, goes back to Boise and then they let Dixie know we can set up for subsequent home study. Will need new physicals, references, background checks and financial info

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