Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 19 FSP, Notary, Background checks

Andrea emailed me with the link to our new Family Sponsorship Profile. It is
It is so fun to see our family information and Stephanie's pretty picture all together--it just makes the adoption seem more real. This is also the place where anyone who wants to partner with us in accepting God's invitation (to join with Him in providing a loving family for one fatherless girlie) can contribute to our adoption fund. Remember, all monies donated through Reece's Rainbow are 100% tax-deductible and are actually given on behalf of the CHILD, not the family (just in case the family, for some reason, cannot complete the adoption) The funds aren't distributed to the family until just prior to traveling to bring their child home.

This morning we got a couple more documents notarized--one for Reece's Rainbow and one requesting the state of Texas to diligently search their files for records pertaining to that notorious villain known only as "Joy The Adopter". We were waiting at City Hall when it opened at 9:00 am. That way Kevin could run in, sign his John Henry in front of the city clerk and still get to work by 9:30 as needed. I just cannot express how wonderful it is for both of us to be on the same page with this adoption.

And just in case there is anyone out there in blogdom who is perhaps considering adoption from Bulgaria, you do need background checks for every state in which you have lived as an adult. BUT this is not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be. Our agency, A New Beginning, emailed us the specific downloadable form required for each separate state. All I had to do was print and then fill out name, date of birth, address, SS# on each one. Some also wanted the name of the city where I had resided, while a couple needed actual street addresses. This last requirement threw me for a bit of a loop momentarily. We are talking ancient history here, back when I had to scratch my cave number above our entry hole with a sharp rock ;) Thank the Lord, in a moment of rare inspiration I had written down most previous addresses on a piece of paper in my old resume' file several years ago and I was able to find the street address of my Alma mater on the internet.

And very, very early this morning I found out I now have access to the Bulgarian documents section of About A Child's website--so now I can even get going on paperwork for the dossier. I love to have something tangible to do to help speed the process of bring Stephanie home.

You can always tell when I've spent too long enhancing my blog entries--I start getting silly.

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The Spicer Family said...

Wow, Joy, it sounds like things are really moving along now!! Yay!!! Jill from RR