Monday, October 19, 2009

Actual current post with current pictures

10/14 Steven and Caleb awaiting the school bus. They get soooooo excited when they see that big yellow box coming toward them down the street. Caleb always sits by the window and waves til he can't see me anymore. The weather has definitely warmed up again after an unseasonable snow in September which looked so weird when the leaves were still attached AND green. Some of my kids have even worn shorts and T-shirts outside but not me--I'm too cold-blooded for that.

Sunday, Oct 18 What a day! As in many areas, we have been having a lot of sickness at church and school. This morning Pastor called Kevin to ask if he could please lead the worship service and sing a special number since our pastor's wife who usually leads worship, plays the piano and sings beautifully is very ill with the flu. I really had to laugh because Kevin and I were already scheduled to teach our regular Sunday School classes, Kevin was to play his guitar for worship, plus it was our turn to do Children's Church. (Our lesson was on the fruit of the Spirit called Self-control and the main idea was "My tongue belongs to Jesus.") Then this evening we were also scheduled to begin our Kids Clubs for the school year. [Kevin teaches the middle school boys in a group called Adventure Rangers and I'm teaching the Rainbow preschoolers this time after several years leading the PRIMS (1st,2nd grade girls)] Not too long later I got a phone call from 'J' apologizing that she is quite sick and would be unable to fill in tonight for the regular STARS leader "C" as planned. (C. had let me know well in advance of a schedule conflict for this week.) Oh my! So Scheri and Teresa bravely agreed to lead the STARS (3rd-5th grade girls) and Scheri spent quite a bit of time this afternoon putting together a meeting plan with some input from me. Then later during the afternoon there was a call from the new PRIMS leader saying she was sick with the flu and would be unable to come. So Teresa and Scheri had the PRIMS AND the STARS at a table right outside the door where I was doing Rainbows--so I could supervise as necessary. I really must say my daughters did very well for their age and the little girls seemed to be having fun. Caleb, Steven and I did OK but I can see I am going to need a lot more activities planned for next week because their attention span is so short. Our club shirts are green with big rainbows, our motto is 'We are helpers' and we have a Noah's Ark theme. We are working on our Dog badge-learning that Jesus is our best friend. I was so exhausted when we left the church tonight that I just wanted to fall in a hole and/or drink about a gallon of Diet Pepsi (And we didn't even try to make it to the 1st practice of the Community Christmas choir at the Nazarene church! Thankfully only the last 2 or 3 rehearsals are mandatory--most you learn on your own listening to the CD over and over )
Thanks to the Lord for helping us with all of our commitments

Mom and Dad joined us for lunch. Mom brought her yummy vegetable beef stew and Kevin had cut up a bunch of fresh fruit and made sandwiches on this 9-grain bread that we (even the kids) really like. I joked that this makes up for the days when french fries are our only vegetable.

Here are Steven and Caleb in their Rainbow shirts.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

love all the pictures!


MamaPoRuski said...

They look so proud in their vests! Thanks for updating!

Amy L said...

Steven and Caleb look so happy together! Do they get along well? My Caleb and Elijah are quickly becoming partners in crime. Whenever I hear Elijah giggling, I now Caleb is up to something!!!:)

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Love the updated pictures, they look like quite the pair :) Just read your moving blogs..I follow there now :) God bless you guys! Alysha