Monday, October 19, 2009

The Last of the Catch-up Pictures

All these pictures are from August 26. As you noted the pictures in these 3 catch-up posts are in reverse order. This made complete sense when I thought I could put all of them in one post. Oh well.

Here are Teresa, Scheri and James ready to head off for their first day of school: Teresa, 7th grade; Scheri, 8th grade and James, 6th grade.
Billy was a little later getting out of the house. He is a freshman this year. Oh my!
After the big kids got out of the house, Caleb and Steven and I headed for town. Caleb had a well-child check and had to get some annual blood work. He was shown to be low on iron so we have been giving him vitamins with iron per the Dr's recommendation; otherwise his tests were normal.

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