Monday, October 19, 2009

Catch-Up Pictures

8/28--We finally got to go on the Thousands Springs river cruise/dinner that had originally been scheduled for June 26. This was a present from my parents in celebration of 3 anniversaries: their 50th, my brother's 25th and our 15th. We weren't sure until almost the last minute that Kevin was going to get off early enough from work to go with us. We remarked that you can be late to a dinner and still be OK but when that dinner is on a boat--you're either ready or you're not

8/30 "Graduation" Sunday for the Mission Possible VBS kids

9/1 A sad morning at our house--the kids saying good-bye to Lily--our faithful, overprotective doggie whom Kevin rescued from the poo-poo pond over in Murtaugh. Lilly bit the hand of the elderly gentleman who was delivering Meals on Wheels to Kevin's father who lives next door. There is just no reasonable way to completely fence our yard and we can't stand the thought of Lily living on a chain so Kevin had to take her to the pound.

9/1 Celebrating my Dad's birthday at our house. Here's Daddy with James, Billy, Scheri and Teresa
9/2--These are pictures of our family at our annual trip to the Filer Fair. Our school actually lets out on this Wednesday which is the first day of the fair and McDonald's Day on which the price of the all-day rides pass is significantly reduced. I love this day of the fair because the lines are exceedingly short.

9/4 Steven had bilateral ear tubes placed. He was the 7:30 am case and we were HOME by 9:00 am. He sailed through without a hitch--drank his juice, walked to the bathroom and was able to pee without any difficulty. He had no problems with nausea and no ear drainage. Praise God. The first picture shows me holding him in the last moments before laying him on the stretcher and walking away with a smile on my face and a tear in my heart. The second picture shows him drinking juice back in his little 'room' in Same Day surgery.
09/09/09 (never noticed this before) First day of school for Caleb and Steven. Here's a picture of their school supplies
And here are our two littlest cuties with backpacks ready to hop in the suburban with mom and head to preschool. They will go every day from noon to 3:15. They are to travel by bus on M-W-F and by mom-bus on T-Th
9/19--Putting up our new volleyball net. We had a lot of fun playing out in the back yard

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