Thursday, May 27, 2010

FBI Fingerprints

Yesterday Kevin and I got our fingerprints done at a near-by police station. Today I mailed the fingerprint cards, cover letters and cashier's check to the FBI so they can search their records for any criminal activity related to either of us. This will be the first of 3 sets of fingerprints needed for this adoption!! Apparently the FBI prints have been taking about 13 weeks to process :( I do hope ours are an exception to the rule.

It's kind of fun that one of the ladies at the parcel station recognized me from Steven's adoption, and asked if our current process is almost done. I told her we're just plugging along and she encouraged me to remember last time when it was all finally accomplished.

Today I also contacted 4 people to see if they are willing to provide a personal reference for us. For our last two adoptions I believe we just needed 3; this time we need 6!

We are tentatively scheduled for our first home visit for this home study on Monday!

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Arizona mom to eight said...

You can ask you congressman or senator to expedite the prints for you, we did, and got ours rather quickly.