Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God is Listening

I just got a phone call from Dima with good news. The other office that had to get involved because of Caleb's long name--I believe Dima referred to it as the tax office--turned out not to be a problem after all!! All I can say is Praise the Lord! I could really sense that people were praying. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Things happen when people pray. So if everything goes exactly right we could finish on Monday. I think Dima is a bit skeptical of it all working that smoothly. I've been praying that God will either make the system work quickly or give me the strength to hold on a couple days longer. But I know if He could make today's news turn out well--He certainly COULD bring it all together if that would suit his plan.

On the eating, drinking subject, thanks to all for your encouragement. I think I figured out part of the problem. Because Caleb is eating finger food like Fruit Loops so well I wrongly assumed he could also eat things like small cubes of cheese or bologna or small bites of soft things like potatoes. But the consistency he has handled well so far is baby cereal (thanks, Carol, for the recipe--it worked) and the thin kind of yogurt that a person could actually drink. For lunch I heated up some chicken and vegetable baby food and thinned it down and mashed it up as well as I could with a fork. He gave it a gallant effort but just couldn't get the little flecks of chicken off his tongue and couldn't seem to wash them down with tea either. So I need to find a younger level of baby food. And just now he took a few sips of tea out of his sippy cup without drowning himself so things are looking up. I'm planning to make real thin mashed potatoes for supper with butter and milk.

As far as the potty subject goes, I'd be happier if his diapers were a lot wetter--the one this morning had some good weight to it. The next one was fairly wet. When we got home from the orphanage on Monday he had 2 really squishy, goopy, poopy diapers. But none yesterday. I just hope all the bananas he's eating aren't plugging him up. He has smelled really REALLY stinky a couple times-once yesterday and once today but it must have been just gas. At the orphanage, I wonder if they usually go poo-poo on the potty?

And today we were looking at a book and I made the signs for bird and cat and he copied me. I'm sure he didn't know exactly what they meant but I thought it was cool.

I took him with me to the market for the first time. A couple people remarked how cute he is. Of course, I can't understand their words but I can understand the tone. I didn't see baby food or this soup powder that Dima was telling me about so we just got the stand-bys.

The sun was shining like crazy into our apartment today--I'm sure the people at the orphanage would have a heart attack that Caleb was running around only in his tights and a long-sleeve T-shirt. But going to the market I should have made all Ukranians proud by adding his heavy fleece-lined pants, sweater and coat. (I must admit, however, I did forego the gloves.) I did basically the same for myself and about sweated to death in the market.

Well, I'm just 'blathering' now so I'll close.


Anonymous said...

You are doing GREAT!!! The baby food stuff is hard to imagine, as the children are eating food that is either shoved so fast they swallow without chewing or they just get tea and mush. very common problem with EE adopted kids, you are far from alone. take it easy and try some stuff at home, for now just keep him fed. Also, keep in mind he might have an intesitinal parasite, giardia is VERY common there, my Vorzel baby had it. It is in the water!
So was those hands carefully and take care, you'll be home soon.
Amy O.

Lynn said...

It has been great to read your story. I watched the babies been feed mashed potato shovelled into them from 4 months old and then "washed down" woth sugar water. Which most probably explains her gag reflex - still strong now at age 8 years :)
Sasha lived on yoghurt, baby cereal and bananas for many weeks after we adopted her at 26 months. She only started tolerating hard cheeses a year later and also meat is still not a favorite. Have fun and take care

AZmomto7 said...


I did the same thing with Kara, yogurt, bananas, but she loved the food at the dining hall, so that was easier for me.

Take heart, Kara has been home two months and is now eating small chunks of meats and other foods. She still does not chew, but she mouths the food until she can swallow it.

I truly enjoy reading your posts about Caleb and I am hoping you can get to the embassy in time to get out on Tuesday. Ideally you should get the paperwork in on Friday, not Monday, the appointments to pick up the visas are after 2:00 PM the day after paperwork is turned in. When does you flight leave?

Amy W said...

It is so good to hear from you! I love hearing about your days with Caleb and how you are coping with evrything. Sounds like you are doing great, I only hope I do as well!:) Glad things turned out good for his passport!

WheresMyAngels said...

Glad you found somethings that work. Wayyyyyyyyyyy cool that he is already copying signs!

Glad you got the paperwork figured out, I was worried about that after you posted.

May you be home by Friday and safe and sound!