Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just to say thanks

I sure appreciate all the comments and encouragement. It makes me feel much better to know other kids has survived on bananas and yogurt and cereal. At least they are all things with good nutritive content. My potato 'soup' did not go over too well though he did put it in his mouth. Guess I just didn't shove it back far enough into his throat :( That sounds like a horrible way to eat. Thanks, Amy, for the heads-up about giardia. And thanks for the info about paperwork, Kris. Honestly, I was so excited about the problem today working out that I didn't listen particularly well to the rest of what Dima said. :( He was telling me what things were supposed to be done what days but I need to double-check with him. Maybe it was the extra day with the visa that was making him think that Tuesday would not work. Our flight leaves around 7 am. so that makes sense. And I don't think there are flights on Wednesdays. Well, then I can be OK with Thursday--since it is technically Thursday now (00:52) that's just a week away. I will still be home in time for my niece's wedding on Friday which is icing on the cake.

Gotta go back to bed. I fell asleep putting Caleb down and had to get back up to brush teeth, put food back in fridge, turn off lights and read everyone's messages.


Anonymous said...

Glad you both are doing well. Can't wait to see pictures of your little prince. Hope this week goes fast for you

AZmomto7 said...

Joy, maybe you will get the passport today! If you get to the embassy tomorrow, you can leave by Tuesday.

How weird is it that you can't leave Ukraine on Wednesdays? When DH Tom told me that on Friday the week before I left, I was a little upset. I was weary of being away from my family at that point and rather grumpy because I was missing my flight the 15th. I got home on Thursday the 20th because we could not get all the paperwork in time to get to the Embassy on Friday. BUT they did ask me on Monday if there was a reason I needed them to expedite Kara's visa. DH had our congresswoman call and ask them to do this; but since we could not get a flight until Thursday this was a mute point.

Perhaps you could tell them your flight leaves on Tuesday and they can get the visa to you sooner? Never hurts to ask!

I too am waiting eagerly for pictures!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, Joy,
It will be so wonderful to have you home. I know this week may have been slow for you but they are flying by here!!! We miss you and can't wait until you walk in the door with Caleb. Any more news???? I love you and can't wait to sit down and have a long talk and maybe rock Caleb a little if he'll let me. We'll all be standing in line!!!!!!!

I love you and I'm praying!