Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oops! Unanswered questions

Sorry, I realize by a few comments that have been left that I have left some situations hanging.

Good job, Scheri, on your basketball game. That must have been an exciting one if Buhl only won by one point. How did Teresa's game go? Billy and James, I have to mention you as well. Love you so much. Daddy will be home in less than a week.

Yes, Kevin was able to find a tie--2 actually. He was exploring and came upon a second-hand store nearby. In the market across the street ties were running between 40 and 150 grievnas (or however you spell it) The exchange rate is basically 5:1 so that is the equivalent of $8 to $30. I guess those prices are reasonable but I'm a bargain hunter so was happy that he found some for something like $1.20 and $1.60. We also bought some clothes for Caleb there, too.

No, we did not get our 10 day wait waived nor did we get permission to proceed with the other paperwork during the 10 day wait. Dima said that the Donetsk region is the only one that permits these.

Thank you Roberta and Brandi for your offer of help when Kevin returns home. I know he will much appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

dear mom,
i miss you! mrs. c mebarest me agan . my basket ball went ok we lost . but at the first part we where a head. mom some time this summer can we go camping with the belnaps. I LOVE YOU much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MISS C is makeing fun of people.
love teresa