Thursday, February 14, 2008

To my Valentines

Pictures: my kids made this picture for me for Valentine's Day; Kevin bought me this beautiful LONG-stemmed rose about a week and a half before he left (don't you love the fancy vase!)
Since you guys are still sleeping (I hope) I just wanted to get the jump on you and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! Kevin, marrying you was the 2nd smartest thing I have ever done in my life (right after asking Jesus to come into my heart.) I love you so much and miss you lots, honey. And adding children to our family--Billy, Scheri, Teresa, James and Caleb--comes next. I am blessed immeasurably. Many hugs and kisses and best wishes for a great day (and fun skiing for the girls.)

Thanks for the messages--they make my day.



Kevin said...

Happy Valentines Day
I wanted to beat you to it last night but it got really busy trying to get avery one ready to go for today.I just droped the kiddos off for there ski adventure and thought I would return and send my Valentine a Valentine Dito on the smartest thing I ever did part.My V
Though we are far apart
You hold a place Within my heart
A place that our Lord Designed
Because He had you in mind
I love you deary this is true
As All day long I think of you
It won't be long the time will fly
A jet will bring you from the sky
See you soon my Valentine
ps give the cute little twerp a Hug and Kiss From Daddy
Love Kevin

Anonymous said...

What a sweet poem, Honey. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

dear mom,
Happy Valentine mommy.
I Had fun skiing.
how are u? how is Caleb?


Anonymous said...

mommy did Caleb have a happy