Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Bit of News/ Sanctity of Life

Our facilitator told us this week that it's POSSIBLE we could have our adoption hearing the first or second week of February!! She's hoping to be able to let us know more certainly this next week when her husband represents us in a preliminary court procedure.

I do consider it a privilege that we are the first ones to do an international adoption in this particular orphanage and court. Please pray that God will help us to present ourselves well and to speak up for these little ones whose voices perhaps have not been adequately heard.

January is sanctity of life month. This year I'm not speaking at church--they've heard my speeches, they've seen my posters, they've felt my passion. I really don't have anything more to say right now. This year I'm DOING sanctity of life. I hope I'm showing my kids by example that all children matter, that vulnerable kids of all abilities are so valuable to Jesus that He would send us almost half way around the world at considerable financial and emotional expense to bring one more little guy with Down syndrome to our home. Not because WE are special but because Steven is special. Not because our decision may always be popular nor the results of our decision easy but because it is right to do right. Jesus said, Let the children come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven.


Charissa said...

Thanks Joy, I loved that.

AZmomto8 said...

Amen Joy, I am praying with you that you get your court date soon.

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

Amen lady!! Walk the talk! :))

Chris and Mary Malone said...

Well said. Praise God for your testimony!

Lyndi said...

Joy, I would love to talk to you more about the orphange you are adopting from. I am also adopting from Eastern Europe, and we might have that in common as well. Meredith and Andrea told me you would be a good resource to talk to. So, if you don't mind, please e-mail me so we can "chat". Thank you!