Saturday, January 3, 2009

We are fine

We've had people calling us to make sure we got home safely. Thanks for your concern but I'm sorry to worry everyone.

We got up about 2:45 am on Dec 31 to be ready for our driver at 4:00. Silly me, I'd forgotten we had untouched ice cream in the freezer so decided I'd better have some for breakfast. They had the yummiest, creamiest, smoothest ice cream there in Ukraine. So Kevin scooped me up a bowlful. Unfortunately (1) ice cream (2) very early in the morning (3) on an empty tummy that had already been rather unsettled a couple of days did not turn out to be a particularly wise choice. I was thankful for the round pink tablets marked with a P-B!

As you might imagine traffic was extremely light on our ride to Kiev-Borispol airport. Our driver Nikolai helped us in with our bags and got us in the right waiting line for Ukrainian Airlines. We waited there until everyone in front of us proceeded to the check-in desk. Unfortunately, they were only checking in the Paris-bound passengers so we had to stand to the side briefly until other agents opened up the desks for Amsterdam. We went through the usual passport control and security checks--they even checked the bottom of Kevin's stocking-feet at one place--I guess to see whether he had blades hidden in there. While waiting for our flight to be called, we visited with another adoptive couple from the States who were traveling with their 3 children and were returning home for the 10 day wait after court.

On our flight we visited with another lady from the States. She and her husband were returning home after completing the adoption of their new daughter from Ukraine. What a great visit that was--we found out we've been following some of the same adoption blogs, she works for UPS like Kevin does, she and her husband are very active in providing aid to orphans through a non-profit organization. That flight went fast.

The flight to Minneapolis did NOT go fast :) I was so tired though that I did sleep in spite of the fact that we had daylight all the way. It seems when you've sat all the longer you think you possibly can stand that you check the time and see that you have at least 3 or 4 more hours to go. Being able to watch movies on my personal screen made that last part bearable for me. Kevin and I watched Meet The Robinsons and Cheaper By the Dozen.

Of course, with Minneapolis being our point of entry, there's passport control, picking up all of your suitcases, going through customs, being questioned about agricultural products (the sniffer dog picked up the lingering scent of the jerky we'd quickly eaten during the end of our flight--otherwise it would have been confiscated), re-checking bags, going through another security check and finally into the main airport. It was fun to recall doing all of that with Caleb in February. After a much-appreciated freshening-up I took the opportunity to call our kids and chat at length and then my parents--so great to be able to talk again.

We ate at the Subway there in the airport which was a good thing because no complimentary meal was served on the way to Boise. I snoozed quite a bit on that flight as well. Praise the Lord, we had clear runways in spite of the very wintry weather that has been coming through the US. Kevin's sister and nephew, Pauline and Brandon, met us at the airport with our van and a full tank of gas. We couldn't chat long because we were planning to meet our kids before the stroke of midnight. Kevin got Mountain Dew and sunflowers in the shell to help keep him awake and we headed for home. (We did the drive through at Jack in the Box, too) We stopped at the church first and sure enough, Mom was there at the New Year's Eve party with our 3 oldest. Those welcome home hugs are great. Then on home where Daddy was staying with J and Caleb. More hugs, more excitement, more chatting. Neither Mom or Dad were feeling that great so they headed on home. I finally landed in bed about 1:30 am which--remembering the time difference--was 31 1/2 hours since I'd gotten up in Kiev.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way at all with caring for our children. And thanks to God for his unspeakable Gift--Jesus Christ. Without you and you and you and YOU we would not be adopting again.


Mary Malone said...

When do you go back to pick up your son?

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear you made it home, I was going to send out a search party pretty soon!! Let me know when you hear about going back, I assume after orthodox Xmas on the 10th you'll get assigned a court date?
Amy O

MamaPoRuski said...

Welcome home! Enjoy the rest, the warmth of your family and prepare for the final part of your journey! God Bless!

AZmomto8 said...

I remember that long flight home, whew, it takes days to get over the jet lag, doesn't it?

I am so glad you posted, I kept looking on your blog to see if you posted yet.

Welcome home!

Tania said...

I'm glad you're finally at home with your kids. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Did they mention any dates? Usually it's pretty slow time here until Jan,15 (there is a Christmas and then the Old(!) New Year on the 13th :-))
Still waiting for Oleg's contact details.

Carson's Mom said...

I am glad you are home safely. When do you go back to get Roman AKA Steven? I can't wait to see new pictures of him home with his family.


Karen said...

Welcome home Joy!!!

Karen :)