Monday, January 5, 2009


Finally! I got the pictures of our trip loaded onto the computer. I feel like I deserve some kind of national prize for this major achievement :) We're talking I got the back off the phone all by myself, got the tiny little memory thingy out of the phone and even found the device manager on my computer to help me trouble-shoot the problem with my USB device. No, a national award would be much too inadequate for this amazing feat of technological skill--this is definitely the stuff of international acclaim :):)

My plan is to go back through the blog and edit the posts by putting the pictures in where they actually go. But because you've been so patient, I'll go ahead and post a few here, too.
Well, I see that the pictures loaded in the opposite order. Oh well! The 3rd one is actually the first picture we took of Steven. You can see a few of the other kiddos in the background. The top two are taken the day Kevin was playing car with him in the hallway.
I sure miss this little guy though I am so glad to be with the rest of our family.


Denise said...

Oh he is so sweet!Love that Blonde hair!I can see why ya miss him what a sweetheart he is.

Lou said...

Oh Joy, he is PRECIOUS!!! Can't wait to see him HOME!!! Hugs and congrats and speedy and smooth rest of your journey! When do you go back?

AZmomto8 said...

Oh goodness, he looks so skinny! I think it is the lack of hair, but he needs you so much to put some weight back on him. The last year must have been hard on him, I wish I could hug him. :o( God bless your family for adopting sweet Steven, he needs you so much.

Linda said...

Hi Joy! I loved reading your blog,. So honest and yet I can see your love for Stephen coming through! It's so good of you to igve so much detail for others who are about to travel or making the decision! Congratulations! - Linda at RR

Anonymous said...

so cute!! I can't wait to see the boys together and to see some hair back on that head of his! Too sweet. I hope you hear of court soon! best of luck,
Amy O.

Carson's Mom said...

Oh my, I would not have recognized him from the other pictures I have seen. I guess it is the hair. He is still a cutie though. I can't wait for you to get him out of there.


Amy said...

I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you are adopting Steven. I have cried and prayed about this precious little boy ever since I first saw him. I was so excited when you told us you were adopting him! You are so blessed and so is he for getting you all for his forever family!