Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just Have to Mention

Celebration of Caleb's Adoption Day

One year ago today Kevin and I went before a judge in Irpin, Ukraine and became the legal parents of Caleb. Isn't that just too cool!! I am so thankful that "God loved Caleb soooooo much that he sent Mommy and Daddy on an airplane all the way to Ukraine, and they picked up Caleb and brought him home." (that's how I tell it to Caleb)

Now that I can type a little easier (said son is no longer sitting on my lap trying to drive his car back and forth in front of the keyboard) I was hoping to fill you guys in on how Caleb is doing. Behaviorly, he is generally a very pleasant, cheery little guy but does push his limits a bit--like if I call him to come to me he might very leisurely get up and then see how many other detours he can take on the way to reaching me (picking things up off the floor, hugging the dog, grabbing a toy, etc.) He still eats well but is not as crazy about yogurt as he used to be--his current crave is bread. If he makes a little mess and you hand him a washcloth he might make more messes on purpose just to get to use the washcloth! If he doesn't want to drink something he might make a lot of it run down the front of his shirt. Sometimes he stuffs so much into his mouth at once that he can't get his lips all the way closed. I haven't yet figured out his rule about when he stuffs and when he doesn't.

Dressing: He likes to pick which shirt or pants to wear and knows which drawer they are kept in. A lot of time with choices he will just pick the last one you said: "Do you want to wear this one or that one?" and he'll pick whatever 'that' one is. One time though I gave him the choice between 2 shirts and he picked one still in the drawer. He is getting much better at putting on his own socks (not just larger socks) though fairly often the heel is on top or to the side of his foot. On his pants he's somewhat aware that he's supposed to put the side with the tag on the floor when he's sitting on the floor to dress. He absolutely loves to wear gloves, though a matching pair is definitely not necessary :) He is getting really good at putting them on himself--even getting all his fingers in the separate fingers. He loves to wear his sweaters and his sweat jackets. His favorite shoes are the crocs--just has to step into them. He also likes to wear a panty-hose-type knee high either on his foot or his hand.

Potty: Still wearing pull-ups. Still uses the potty very well if you tell him to go potty but otherwise is equally glad to use the diaper. One time in January he had just got done going pee and was still standing by his potty. He said, "Momma, poo-poo" and I told him to sit down and he went poop. Also recently he was in the living room and I happened to look up and notice the poo-poo face and asked him if he needed to go potty. He said 'yes' and hurried down the hall, got his pants down and was fussing cuz the poop landed on the potty rather than in it. These instances give me reason to hope we are heading in the right direction.

Talking: Loves to socialize. Waves at most everyone in the grocery store. At the restaurant after celebrating my birthday, he went to the men at the next table and gave them each a hug. One guy said that was probably the only hug he'd get all day. When he's supposed to be getting off the bus , he likes to take time to tell his friends and the driver bye-bye SEVERAL times. He says a LOT of words--many he just says the beginning consonant and vowel (like 'bah' for bye)--but you can usually figure out what he is saying. We are working on the ending consonant too--he gets the 2nd consonant on words like mama, papa, daddy, bus, sockie, go'se for horse, bus. He tries to say his own name and points at himself. Says nanu (nannoo--like Mork from Ork) very emphatically over and over if you give him something, especially food (thank you) Knows several parts of his body. No colors yet.

Playing: Can do our 9-piece puzzles (where you put the right piece in the right hole) Did the shapes, animals and vehicles yesterday. I got out one puzzle at a time, dumped out the pieces and Caleb put them all in without any coaching from me except to tell him he could do it himself when he was trying to hand the horse to me for help. Is playing better with toys. For instance, gets a car or truck, puts something or someone in it and pushes it around on the floor making car noises. Loves to push his vacuum (particularly in the same exact spot where I'm pushing mine) and ride his bus; also sometimes gets on James' standing reindeer. Can do front somersaults very well. Can jump on the tramp but not on a hard surface. Still needs either handrail or person to climb up or down stairs.

Funnies from this week: about Monday, my Dad was carrying out a basket of laundry (my marvelous mother helps keep us from being buried under dirty clothes) and Caleb kept holding on to the other end and saying 'shoes' Finally it occurred to us that he was letting Papa know that he had his shoes on so could 'help' carry it to Papa's car (other times we've used the excuse that he didn't have shoes on as an excuse to let Papa carry the basket without so much assistance :) :) :) Caleb and Papa adore each other by the way and Caleb really does his best to keep Papa from leaving. Caleb will climb in his lap and try to unzip his jacket, climb up his legs or stand in the doorway itself trying to block the exit. Yesterday I had to crack up though cuz Dad had set the laundry back down on the floor by the door and Caleb just crawled in it and laid down on top of the dirty clothes.

I hope you can tell we LOVE this little guy. Won't it be fun when Steven gets here, too!!


Charissa said...

Caleb is amazing, Joy! I can't wait until Steven gets there too. :)

AZmomto8 said...

I loved reading about Caleb today, amazing that your adoption was final this time last year, I remeber going to the computer and looking for updats (and pictures) that day.

Chris and Mary Malone said...

Did Mary send our Ukraine cell phone number? We're planning to get together after church for lunch, I believe? In Kiev, that is. :-)

Well...we'll be packing again today. Argh. We can't decide what to do about a stroller or wraps. We don't think the wraps will work so we're back to being one bag short and will have to rethink our packing and take strollers. :-(

How long will ya'll be in Ukraine this time and will you finish the adoption while you're there or will you have to make another trip?

Amy said...

Caleb sounds like he is doing GREAT! I too can't wait to see Caleb and Steven together.:)

Kathy and Matt said...

Isn't it amazing how fast the year has gone!

Caleb sounds like he's doing so well. Great to read your posts.

LIN said...

It has been almost a year since we arrived in Kiev, bringing a stroller along for you!! It was too late for you, but that stroller was a lifesaver for me later. Caleb is doing wonderfully!! Hope Steven is home soon.