Friday, February 27, 2009

Update/Two Anniversaries

Beautiful Teresa in my wedding gown accompanied by handsome Caleb

Even the boys got excited about dressing up after watching our wedding video. Billy is above and James is below.

Here is Caleb "stylin'" all by himself. He loves to wear a tie, by the way.

And here is beautiful Miss Scheri in wedding gown and veil. In the second picture she is holding the vase filled with a dozen red roses which my husband bought for me for our anniversary.

Yesterday (26th) we received this message from Nastya:

"Hello Joy,
Everything is OK here. We have talked to inspector and some other people and at the moment waiting to get in touch with a lawyer that has connections with the head judge to plead our case and have petition signed to a "good" judge. "Our" people are asking around to make sure we get a good judge this time and it's not a blind deal as the first time. . . . "

Today (27th) Nastya requested some additional paperwork "just in case" the new judge may want it including a letter about why we would want to adopt a child with Down syndrome and another explaining why we could not be at the preliminary hearings but promising to be at the final adoption hearing. We will need to get both of these notarized and apostilled. I printed off a bunch of pictures of Caleb and Steven as well. Who could resist those two cuties?

It may sound strange but I welcomed having something concrete to do to forward our adoption. I am missing Steven so much. My heart is just heavy.

Please don't think that doesn't mean we aren't having fun times here though. Yesterday, Feb. 26, marked the one-year anniversary of Caleb and I returning home from Ukraine. It's unbelievable both to realize he's been with us for 12 months already and also to remember he hasn't been with us his entire life--if that makes any sense.

AND yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary. Marrying Kevin was the 2nd smartest thing I've ever done in my whole life--2nd to giving my life to Jesus. So of course the kids and I had to get out our wedding video and oooh and ahhh over the romance and giggle over scenes such as the tiny flower girl dumping her basket of confetti on the platform and playing in her mess with her little hindy up in the air; Kevin putting frosting on my nose; Kevin's Bronco wrapped in several rounds of cassette tape so we could barely get in the doors to drive away from the church. Along the way the kids got all excited and decided to dress up for the occasion followed by the girls each taking a turn trying on my wedding dress followed by some of them deciding to cook a fancy dinner for mommy and daddy and use the china. The evening didn't go exactly as planned-Kevin didn't get home from work until about 10 pm--which made for some pretty disappointed kids who had to make do with Mommy's stir fry and go to bed. I do think they had fun anyway.

My sweetie gave me a dozen red roses and a very imaginative "Hawaii" kit: lei, tropical body wash, perfume and a DVD of tropical sites and sounds. I sure love this guy.


Hi~I'm Alysha said...
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MamaPoRuski said...

Happy (Belated) Anniversary! Thanks for letting me into the blog! I am praying God will soften the hearts of those involved to do what is right for these children! Our judge asked us three times during court why we would want such a sick child (to her face!) and gave us another opportunity "out" before her final verdict! Some can only watch from the sidelines and wonder at the miracles they witness...sigh

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Hi Joy..Happy belated anniversaries for two very special days!Praying for good news to come soon your way and for Steven too. A special thanks to you for your words of encouragement in our situation..they made my heart smile and feel at ease :)Blessings, alysha