Monday, February 9, 2009

Special Olympics World Games

Welcome to the Special Olympics World Games in Idaho, USA

My champions in front of the winners' podium
The Sun Valley Lodge with ice-carved sunshine in front

Swans and ducks in pond in front of the Lodge

Sorry I can't get the wonderful aroma on the page!

Waiting for our pizza

Caleb seems to have a bit of overfill on the pasta!

We here in Idaho have the unique privilege of hosting the Special Olympics World Games. I don't really know how we got this blessing but I am very excited about it. Yesterday (Saturday) we drove our motor home up to Sun Valley which is where the cross country skiing and snow boarding events are being held. (Sports events started today.) The sites were vacant yesterday because the 2500 athletes were at the very moving opening ceremony being held in Boise (much of which I've seen on TV.) Though I was bummed to miss the participants, I was still excited to get pictures of the places they will be competing. It was a beautifully clear and cold day and the scenery was great.

Then we went over by the Sun Valley Lodge, saw the swans and ducks, viewed some ice sculptures, passed numerous lighted trees around the resort which B. especially loved, visited the chocolate factory (my goodness, even the aroma of that place is high in calories) and then dined at Bald Mountain Pizza. Our waitress was from Austria, our waiter from Peru. The pizza was oh-my-goodness-delicious. On the way home we munched on candies (I had white chocolate w/ cashews and white chocolate with macadamia nuts--drool, drool.) The kids eventually fell asleep and we couldn't bear to awaken all of them so we all just slept in our driveway in the motor home! It was unexpected fun.

I really hope we can take the kids up to Boise sometime this week. That's where the Alpine events and figure skating competitions will be held. All the sporting events are free to the public. Tickets are required for opening and closing ceremonies (on Friday)


Alice said...

Sounds like a great day! I hope you get to see some of the events.

Anonymous said...

dying to hear how the first court hearing went today. I am hoping they said yes, please let us know!!
I hope we hear of final adoption hearing soon!
Amy O.