Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ready to get on the bus to go to school for occupational therapy 2-19-09

Caleb on Valentine's Day with candy and a new outfit 2/14/09

Caleb enjoying his bath with his new bath toys on 2/18/09

Here are several recent pictures of Mr. Caleb. Today I was printing off photos to include with the 4-page "Annual report on adopted children from Ukraine." I'm finally ready to mail it off except for photocopies of therapy reports. A report is due yearly on the anniversary of our adoption until our son is 18.
Also, I added some pictures to both posts about the Special Olympics.


a said...

well that little stinker has gotten so cute and chubby, oh my and do they look so much alike with that haircut now, people will think you have the cutest twins!

Amy said...

Caleb is such a cutie! Always smiling:):)