Tuesday, January 22, 2008

About one hour and 15 minutes

Pictures: Sorry, I have 2 pictures of all the stuff that was on our bed awaiting the suitcase and accidently posted the same one twice; Kevin in the car ready to head to Boise Inn America for the night before our trip to Ukraine
That's how long until we're scheduled to leave our house. We'll drive to Boise tonight and then get up bright and early to go to the airport and head to Ukraine. Honestly, I've been so busy trying to deal with all the paperwork that goes along with making sure our kids are OK while we're gone: temporary guardianship, list of medications, calendar that shows the day-by-day schedule plus who is taking care of various assignments for that day (like who is providing supper and who has basketball practice, etc) that it's easy to almost forget why we're doing all this stuff: We are going to meet our son! That fact started to somewhat dawn on me as I was packing toys for him. Well got to go. I will appreciate all your prayers.


Stephanie said...

Good Luck!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!

Amy W said...

Joy, I am very excited for you! Prayers for a safe trip! I can't wait to see pics.....Keep us posted!

Gayla said...

God Bless and many prayers!

Randy and Sheila said...

I am very excited for your family. Can't wait to hear more. I hope to see you in Ukraine.