Saturday, January 26, 2008

Housewife at large

Pictures: controls on washing machine; Kevin with phrase book trying to figure out what the cycles are; Kevin grinding pepper with a knife handle
Thanks to everyone for your comments. You cannot know what a blessing it is to keep in touch this way and to know that people we love are following our adventure and praying with us. Thanks Linda for sharing with my parents. Maybe someone can help them and our kiddos post messages, too. (HINT) :) I know the kids do not have computer access this weekend.

Special thanks to Brandi for keeping our kids during the week and Bob and Cookie for keeping them now. Also to Mrs. Ratto for helping out in the mornings.

As to life here in the big city, exhaustion finally struck me and I slept for 14 hours--until 2 pm! My sweet husband was up and had cooked us a yummy lunch of pork steak and fried potatoes using scrunched up sunflower seeds from his trail mix for salt and some kind of seasoning powder we found in the cupboard for pepper. We also had more sliced bread with the apricot/peach? flavored cream cheese.

The only thing unusual about washing dishes was that their are drying racks for the plates and cups right in the cupboards with clear plastic drip pans under them. Pretty handy, actually.

The biggest adventure of the day was trying to figure out the washing machine. It is a cute little automatic front-load job with lots of buttons and choices, all of course written in Russian. We did find some of the words in our phrase book. Between that and the pictures on the back of the Tide soap box, we made our best guess and turned it on. I now have the first load hanging out on the balcony on a wire rack. The towels are drying on a heated rack in the bathroom.

Kevin took a break from his Old Testament Survey study and TV watching to head back over to 'Walmart' and the market for more Coke Light, some very tasty lemon-flavored carbonated drinks, mayo, seasoning salt, bread knife, salt and pepper shakers and pepper which he then tried to grind by pounding it with the handle of the knife in the bottom of a cup (he was unable to find a pepper mill at the market)

It's been a very quiet day.


Us2 said...

Hi Joy!

I emailed you a letter from your Mom and Dad. I assume you can get to your email to read as well as to send.

We are following your adventure through your blog. It is almost like we are there with you.

You know we are backing you with prayer. We love you and miss you, and can hardly wait till the 3 of you come home.

Love Carol & Dale

Amy W said...

Hi Joy,I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your visit wth Sasha!!!