Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A little tougher today

Thank you so much for ALL the comments. We received most of them before we headed out the door this morning. I guess that's one good thing about the time difference--you guys are reading and writing while we are sleeping.

Today we had to stop back by the inspector's office in Irpin and on out to the orphanage. Apparently there had been some change in plans because they put us in a room and brought Sasha to us rather than allowing us to play with his group. I'm wondering if this room is a break-room or charting room or something but it is definitely not set up as a play room. I had to feel a little sorry for Sasha (it's hard for me to call him Caleb) left alone with us strangers in there. I had brought some poseable bunnies from the dollar store so we played with them in as many different ways as we could think of-got a few grins and even a chuckle when Sasha was being silly and putting a bunny in his mouth. Kevin got a stacking toy off of a tall cabinet and Sasha played with it quite a bit though I think his favorite part was the center peg which he enjoyed banging things with. He enjoys the camera phone and got hold of it a couple times pushing buttons as fast as his chubby little fingers could go. He didn't want one of the cookies we brought (they're round and taste kind of like animal cookies) And he did not want Kevin's hat on his head. Workers stopped by from time to time to check on him and thankfully brought us a couple more toys to play with (a ball and a train) At one point Kevin got down on his knees and was playfully crawling toward Sasha and it kind of freaked him out. He got scared and was moving away, making scared sounds. He did let me pat him and comfort him and tolerated me holding him on my lap. He is heavy! Thankfully the visit didn't end there -- he and Kevin ended up playing together again at the end. But when Dima got there we told him Sasha was tired so a worker came, had him wave bye-bye, pat Kevin's head and give me a hug. He came and laid against my legs and let me hug him. I'd say we were in there at least an hour and a half which is a long stretch for any 3 yr old.

Actually we know it's a good sign that he is hesitant around us. I would be much more concerned if he just came running in and plopped himself on our laps since that is how we have seen unattached children behave. But it is still hard.

Our court date is set for February 5 at 9:30 a.m. and Dima says we'll get physical custody about Feb 16th. After that we still have birth certificate, passport and American embassy stuff which looks like another 2 1/2 weeks at least. Please PRAY for us as we try to re-figure out our travel plans. (We are scheduled to leave on Feb 12 but now have to return by Feb 16) Right now it looks like Kevin will go home as planned, if not earlier and I will just stay for the duration. This involves a lot of people so please pray for all involved. I will miss seeing my kids for such a long time and I'm bummed about missing Jessica's (my niece) wedding. Also we didn't even bring the stroller or the clothes items I'd bought because I figured I'd get them when I was home.

I know things will look better tomorrow. I just so appreciate everyone's prayers and this lets you know what our specific needs are.


Amy W said...

Wow, that is great news you have a court date!! Your little guy sounds like he is doing real well and is very loving and fun! I can't wait to see his sweet little face (HINT) :).

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great visit. Can't wait to see pictures.

Anonymous said...

He sounds just perfect, wow court this same time next week, how exciting!! Why can't you go home between the 5th and the 16th?
Amy O.

Anonymous said...

mom and daddy,
meagan wilkins and mrs. wilkins are whandering if I can spend the night one of these days this week. so can I?

AZmomto7 said...

It is hard to have long visits at the orphanage, and it does get hard to entertain your little one for 2 hours. DH had a hard time being there and scrutinized for so long. We felt 1 hour was a good amount of time for Kara, if I stayed longer, she often fell asleep in my arms.

Great news on your court date, we liked the judge there in Irpin, she was kind and thoughtful.

adoptedthree said...

Definitely buy a small stroller at the market you will need it at the airports! It is a lifesaver for the little ones.