Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I love adoption

I love adoption. My wonderful husband of 13.9 years would probably say I am obsessed with adoption. I have spent multiple hours of many days over several years poring over waiting child lists and reading adoption or orphan-related books and more lately reading other people's adoption blogs. I have loved adoption at least since I was a young teenager and read books like The Family Nobody Wanted by Helen Doss. My dream was to work in an orphanage and hug babies--before I had a clue how vital affection is to human development. I loved adoption before I got married, before I experienced the horrible emotional roller-coaster ride of difficulty conceiving, before I knew the gut-wrenching pain of miscarriage and before I had a medically-necessary surgery that ended the chances of pregnancy altogether. And by then I had four children whom we'd adopted wanting to see my surgical incision. God knew all along how important adoption was going to become to our family.
We are now just 2 weeks away from flying to an Eastern European country for the first of two trips to adopt a little guy with Down syndrome. I hope to write more about that in future posts. Let me warn my readers (if there are any of you out there in cyber-world) that I've never attempted a blog before, so please be patient with me. I plan to write about the loves of my life: Jesus Christ, my family, sanctity of life and adoption, of course. If I could influence just one person to consider the adoption option, I will consider this blog a success.