Thursday, January 24, 2008

We are here!

Pictures: Kevin at the airport; Joy brushing teeth with Kevin's mouthwash because I couldn't pack the large toothpaste in my carry-on; trash can in the Frankfurt, Germany airport--I was trying to figure out which hole was appropriate for my apple juice can; Kevin stretched out on our couch in our apartment in Ukraine
As the plane was beginning its descent I didn't know whether to cry or be just plain terrified. It was over-whelming to realize that all my hopes and dreams and all the months of work were actually coming to fruition. On the other hand, I felt scared to death of the unknown--worries about whether someone would actually be here to meet us, wondering if I'd make it with a strange language, unknowns about the adoption process, etc. I was holding my husband's hand so tightly--I'm sure glad we are here together.

And to my children: I love you so much. Please give each other 5 kisses and hugs from Daddy and I. By the time we got to our apartment about 5 p.m. here, you guys were just due to be getting out of the house for school. We are nine hours ahead of you which is pretty mind-boggling. That can be one of your math projects for the time we are gone--trying to figure out what time it is here. (Just like I have to keep figuring what time it is there.) You guys will be sound asleep when we have our appointment tomorrow at 11 AM. That is when we hope to get our official referral and find out when we can actually meet Stephen or Caleb or . . . we still haven't settled on a name. And thanks to all who are helping and hugging our kids.

Our apartment looks just like the pictures we'd seen and is right across the street from a big market. We have an enclosed balcony, fridge, a cute clothes washer, TV, phone, computer and several extras like plates, cups, pots, ironing board, hair dryer. Since we came in January we were offered a great deal on this place. It is only 6:56 p.m. but I am SOOO tired.

Before I close here are some things I've learned so far: put a small travel sized toothpaste in purse or travel bag. (I only brought a big tube and it had to go in the checked luggage so I got to brush my teeth with Kevin's Scope in the airports) It drove me crazy on the journey between Chicago and Frankfurt not to know what time it was or where we were. (I usually use my cell phone for time but it had to be turned off until we landed and I've decided that all countries should be required to spell out their name across their land in huge lights so travelers flying overhead can read them :) And yes, do bring snacks so you can eat them if you're too tired to go shopping or to a restaurant when you get here. Kevin bought about 4 boxes of granola bars and left them home because he thought I wanted them for the kids!

To all my RR friends who've been wanting me to post more often, you are probably going to be sick of all my posting by the time we leave here.

THANKS to all for your prayers and encouragement.


Christina said...

You made it!! Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear all about your SDA appointment tomorrow!

RR Group

Anonymous said...

Joy it is great to hear that you made it okay. Us aunties have been living at our computers waiting for all of you to post. Hugs

Linda said...


No, we want every detail - don't leave anything out! Praying for you in WA State! - Linda

Shelley said...

So glad you made it safe and sound! Cn't wait to hear all about your SDA appointment....and what name you finally choose!

AZmomto7 said...

So happy to hear you arrived safely, I need to add you blog to the others in mine. I can;t wait to see pictures of you with Sasha.

Kris RR

a said...

I ditto Linda, post it all honey we love hearing from you. Can't wait to hear more, I take it you found the team at the airport. Best of luck tomorrow.

spahrfamily said...

Yea, another blog to watch. So happy you guys made it safely. We'll wait anxiously for all your updates.
Martha S.

Amy W said...

Hi Joy! I'm happy to hear you made it!!! Can't wait to see pictures of you and your new little man!!