Monday, October 13, 2008

En route

I just checked UPS tracking and that sweet letter from Virginia is in transit on its way back to us. I cannot believe we are actually almost done with the dossier paperwork. The interesting thing is that we sent the paperwork for Caleb overseas October twenty-something of 2007, got our travel date on Dec 26 and had SDA appointment on Jan 25. Of course, this time I'm hoping for travel to Eastern Europe in November or December :) One can always dream!

Jesus, please keep little R. safe. You know my concern about whether he's getting enough to eat, what negative behaviors he could be learning in order to survive, whether he's healthy. Jesus, please help at least one worker to have a particular interest in his well-being. Please keep his heart open to affection and his mind open to learning. And help the other kids there as well.

And Lord, thank you that our pastor mentioned in his sermon this morning that every child with Down syndrome has value. Absolutely. I so appreciated that validation.


AZmomto8 said...

That is awesome news Joy, I am praying with you for R's safety. I hope you get your travel date at the perfect time.

Lou said...

I am praying for a smooth process the rest of the way and hoping that you are able to bring your baby home this year!

Amy said...

I am praying for your little Roman. He captured my heart as soon as I first saw him. God bless him and take care of him until you can get to him and bring him home.

Christine said...

I hope you get a travel date soon! Wouldn't that be nice? :)