Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Trip to Paris/Caleb is just too cute

It is so fun to see that our dossier is in Paris already. It is actually moving faster than I was expecting which is such a wonderful change.

At preschool Caleb's teacher remarked again just yesterday how well he is doing with language. (He doesn't cry anymore when we leave him at school, by the way) Today Caleb was looking at a book and actually pointed at the kitty and said "kitty" and signed it all on his own--without me saying it first. He has been mimicking this word a long time and calling our cat 'kitty' on his own once in a while, but this was the first time I remember him identifying the picture from a book. And tonight he saw yogurt in the fridge and asked for some by name (his own version of the name) and for the first time ever said and signed please without being prompted. Also this evening when I asked him whether he'd rather wear a diaper or a pull-up he actually pointed to the pull-up. Usually when presented with a choice he just says 'yeah.' I am so pleased with his progress.

Today I finally upgraded my camera phone. The one I had was mysteriously broken without being touched by human hand or foot (?????) on August 25, the first day of school. I am looking forward to taking some pictures of our kiddos--once I read the 10,000 page manual.


Amy said...

How exciting, your dossier is almost there! I have a special spot in my heart for your Roman, I've mentioned it before. I can't wait till you announce that you have him in your arms for good!

Kathy and Matt said...

I recall tracking our dossier's progress. It's funny how those little things offer some sense of completing steps in the process.

Sounds like Caleb is doing really well. Great news!

Lou said...

Hey there, our appendages are in Paris together hanging out at the Fedex! LOL! Hopefully they will be at the SDA Monday or Tuesday getting us our appointments!

markay714 said...

Caleb sounds like he is doing very well. That is so exciting to hear that the dossier is almost there. I can't wait for you to get R home and out of there.