Friday, October 10, 2008


I am advocating for the adoption of a little boy named Ruslan. Ruslan is very cute, has Down syndrome and was described to me by the SDA of Ukraine as 'a very good boy.' I know their description had nothing to do with behavior but I think with his level of functioning. He is only 5 years of age just like little R whom we are in the process of adopting.

In addition to DS, Ruslan has the diagnosis of Hepatitis B. When we were told about him at the SDA (which is something like Ukraine's State Dept of Adoption), I did not want to accept his referral partially because I was afraid this disease would put my other very impulsive children at risk (since they might not always remember to use universal precautions.) I had totally forgotten they have all been immunized for Hep B. (And truthfully, we didn't feel able to adopt two at once anyway) Now Ruslan has been transferred to an institution but adoption is still possible. Interestingly enough, it does not seem that he has been segregated from other children as I understand is usually the case with children with infectious diseases. Some have even questioned whether he just tested positive for Hep B because his birth mother had it.

If you'd like to see a picture of him please follow this link and scroll down until you get to his name.

I am in the process of learning more about hepatitis B. There is good information at a website listed at the link above as well as another site specific to adoption and Hep B which urges parents not to let Hep B keep them from adopting a particular child. I have an online friend who has a child with this diagnosis and she has assured us that the disease is very manageable.

Please pray with me that this little boy has a forever family soon.

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Joy, I will pray Ruslan gets a mommy and daddy soon. he is so cute. jody