Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

Caleb was the only one of our children that I was able to 'shoot' at home before church. Then the battery on my phone was too dead to take any more pictures (I know, I know! No one can imagine that I would forget to plug my phone in :)
Here's Billy looking spiffy.

Billy beside the Easter lilies. It's a good thing I got these close-ups of Billy because by the time I was ready to take the whole crew, Billy had already been outside the church playing in the dirt and mud

Here's Caleb and his 6-year-old chasing-buddy, K after church. Caleb looks more comfortable with his shirt-tails hanging out. They have such a good time together.
Here are several shots of our kiddos: Billy, James, Caleb (in front), Scheri, (friend, C) and Teresa.

Here are Billy and Teresa much later in the day showing off their new caps from Grandma R. Billy's is a NASCAR hat and Teresa's has Tinkerbell. They also received Easter eggs and candy.

As much as I love Christmas, Easter is truly the most wonderful day of the year. Without Jesus rising from the dead, the Bible says I would still be dead in my trespasses and sins. But now He ever lives to make intercession for me. . . . And you. . . .
I want my life to be a 'thank-you' present to Him.


Tania said...

Hoorah! I can follow your adoption ordeal again. Let's keep in touch

Amy said...

You have a beautiful family....and your little Caleb is so handsome! Can't wait to see Steven sitting with the rest of them!

Alice said...

What a great family! Caleb looks so handsome in his Easter duds.:)