Monday, April 20, 2009

Here Comes the Judge

It cracks me up that I have to sign into my own blog now that it's private. With so much electronic sophistication, you'd think the blog could 'tell' that I'm its mama.

Yesterday was Easter in Ukraine and I have gathered from another blog that today is a holiday as well. Yesterday was also the day our new judge was to have gotten home from his vacation. So I am praying that he is well-rested, full of energy and zest for life, and ready to schedule an adoption hearing very soon--as soon as he knows that we even exist! (I think he was assigned to our case while on vacation so he just doesn't know the excitement in store for him)

Thanks to everyone who is like the Energizer bunny and keeps praying . . . and praying . . . and praying . . . and praying . . . and praying.

Could we please pray that Nastya and Alexey will be able to establish a good rapport with our new judge, that his mind will be open to our cause, and that he will have an opening available. This paper pregnancy is at 46 weeks, 3 days and I'm really ready for delivery :)


a said...

I am so excited, at least now the door is there for the opening, now we just need to walk through it. I so hope this is a normal compassionate person that will hear this quickly and get you home with your son!

Lyndi said...

Prayers that this judge has a heart of gold. You are looon over-due with this baby....I hope you can bring him home soon!!!!