Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scheri's 13th Birthday

Scheri, her guests and her special High School Musical cake (chocolate with chocolate filling)

The gift table festooned with Happy Birthday crepe paper--and Caleb crawling behind.

First, Scheri opened a birthday card and gift card from her birth mother.

Daddy and Scheri with her new aeropostale hoodie sweatshirt.

Adorable bag, flip flops, lip gloss from sweet friend, H.

Nail polish, nail files, body lotion from Teresa, James and Caleb

Lovely hand-made necklace from friend, C.

Touch-screen digital dog from Grandma and Papa

Collection of nail polishes from Billy

3 pair of earrings from Mommy and Daddy

I love you, Scheri!

Scheri found these adorable H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y candles--the perfect number of letters for a 13th birthday.

Getting ready to make a wish

Scheri wearing, showing off as many of her presents as possible.

Caleb enjoying the cake and ice cream

Our older daughter got to celebrate her special birthday a day early since the official date fell on Easter this year. 5:00 was the appointed hour. Alas we did not get home until 4:10.

You guys will know exactly what I'm talking about when I say it was a busy day that started at about 6:30 because our younger daughter Teresa was to be in Gooding, about an hour's journey, at 8:30 for volley ball. There were 3 courts set up in this gym for the 15 teams participating and no space to pull out the bleachers--it was a bring-your-own-chair event! I honestly thought they HAD to be joking but they were dead serious. After watching Teresa's 4 initial matches (interspersed with other team's games) we left Teresa at the gym with her team for the afternoon tournament while the rest of us hurried to complete another round of last-minute errands: Easter shoes for two of the kids; dollar store gifts; birthday candles, birthday cereal and birthday cake; birthday party guest. Teresa actually called us about 5 minutes before we got home, asking where we were! She got home before we did.

At 4:10, as I mentioned before, we tore into the house like banshees with each person assigned a room to scrape out. :) The girls concentrated on their room and then did some very cute decorating. We didn't quite pull it off by 5:00 but with the help of my Mom who arrived a little before time, we did start around 5:15. I would have to say that the girls all seemed to have a very nice time without any fighting amongst them. One guest got to stay until around 9:30 or 10:00 and the other stayed overnight. I think Scheri had a very Happy Birthday.

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