Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life Around Our House

Caleb enjoying our resurrected swing set. It spent all last summer laying over on its side with screws missing and parts disassembled but my sweet Daddy painstakingly put it back together just a couple weeks ago. Now there's only one part we can't use.

Caleb all dressed up, waiting for the bus to go to OT at the school. It was a sunny day and I had to persuade him not to wear his mittens or he would have had them on, too! He particularly wanted to wear his Ukraine hat.

Here's my sick boy-boy. Caleb is generally so healthy but on Friday, he was feeling hot to the touch and having some loose stools and just kind of sitting/laying around. And then the throwing up began. This was the first time he's thrown up in the 14 months he's been home. Poor little guy--he'd just lay on the floor kind of sleeping and then he'd start this pitiful cry and we'd try to get him aimed over the pan. It took Scheri and I both because he was so wiggly when he was trying so hard not to be sick. Saturday morning he got up and got dressed and went to the Pinewood Derby. He had fun and enjoyed racing his bus but still wasn't his usual bouncy self even with his Papa whom he loves so dearly. Saturday afternoon it was back to fever and very rosy cheeks and sleeping a lot--though he did eat dinner well without throwing up. We gave him Tylenol pretty much as often as he could have it and cool baths and heartfelt prayer. Today he stayed home from church with Kevin and I taking turns being with him. He slept at least 4 hours on the couch this morning. Now he's watching Toy Story and his skin feels normal to the touch. I will be glad when he's back to his perky self.
(Though it was awful to have Caleb so sick, it was sweet to feel him clinging to me and looking for me if I left the room. It felt good to be a source of comfort to him. To know he actually liked it when I held him or laid by him. As weird as it sounds, I think his illness was a bonding thing. )

Caleb's concerned older sister, Scheri, watching over him.

Here are my kids working on their Pinewood Derby cars with Billy's developmental therapist looking on. Kevin cut the cars out for each person according to his/her preference and gave each vehicle a coat of primer but the kids were responsible for actually painting their own cars. We did choose a "bus" shape for Caleb since that seemed to pertain to his life. I would dip the brush in the yellow paint, then hand the brush to Caleb and try to position the bus so he could get each side without getting too much on his shirt. I was impressed with how much his artistic ability has improved since Derby-time last year.

Our Annual Pinewood Derby was held April 25 at the Hansen Elementary gym. Here's James and his car--a military transport vehicle. He received 1st place in the Discovery Rangers race division.

Billy and his car--a railroad locomotive. It got first in the Adventure Rangers division for race and second for show.

Teresa and her shoe-shaped vehicle. It got first place in the Junior Open race division.

Caleb and the bottom of his school bus. Kevin had to drill holes in it because it was over the weight limit. Caleb was also in the Junior Open class.

Kevin being silly with his string of 5 dice car. He raced in the Commander's Division.

Scheri designed her car as a very unique cell phone complete with flip top.

My car was called 'Precious in his sight' and was shaped like a foot with the toes and heel painted gold and the rest painted "red and yellow, black and white" as in "Jesus Loves the little Children of the World." It was the fastest car of the outpost!
This year we followed the derby Race and Show awards--pins for first place/certificates for the other places--with our annual badges and trophies for our Missionettes and Royal Rangers.

Caleb is our only Rainbow and we don't have a teacher for his class so he always sits in with my group of girls. When I added up the scores for my students, he actually had the 2nd highest number of class time points!

James is a Discovery Ranger and he received the trophy for Ranger of the Year for his club.

I teach the Prims--the club for 1st and 2nd grade girls. These young ladies earned 5 badges this year.

This is Scheri and Teresa with their STARs leader. Scheri was the STAR of the Year

Kevin helps lead the Adventure Rangers and Billy is one of his two guys

The two boys were separated by only one point in determining the Adventure Ranger of the Year--good job for both of them!

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