Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Update on the Update

I didn't understand what Nastya meant by "weird" in her earlier note so I asked for further explanation. Also I was concerned about our dossier becoming out-dated with all this waiting so here's the word from our facilitator.

Hi Joy,
The soonest date on the dossier is in June, so we are doing OK, we checked. Court wants orphanage, inspector (absolutely normal), prosecution (normal as well), birth certificate office (very weird), SDA (OK). Usually we notify all these offices personally about the hearing, pick up needed papers and bring them to court personally. Here they won't give any to us in hand, they want them mailed to each office and get answer in mail--that's what is taking so long. I am afraid we won't be given a date [for the main adoption hearing] until preliminary hearing.
Blessings, Nastya


Anonymous said...

well, at least they will move forward, I am so happy you are finally get some action!!

Mandy said...

Praying you are on a plane SOON :)

Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Will be praying for the right person or people to care for your little ones...I know the anxiety this one brings..God will provide for the perfect person :)(we're in the same boat and.."Lord, I need your peace!")..On the other hand...
YAY! I'm so excited to see progress being made! Won't it be a blessing to feel God's sunshine on your face & share the moment with your Steven?! Praying :) Alysha

Arizona mom to eight said...

Sigh, so much red tape for poor R. I am sorry you have to wait so long, that he has to wait so long, how painful for everyone.

kristynewb said...

I'm so happy to see progress being made! I'm so sorry that you and Steven have had to endure so much additional wait time. This should be a testament to the judge of your love for Steven! Praying that you get your hearing date FAST now and that all of the paperwork from each office arrives quickly.

Can't wait to see you back in Ukraine again with your adorable little guy!