Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just A Mom Again

I am very glad to announce that the Department of Homeland Security has rescinded their report on "right-wing extremism" and I am no longer a threat to national security!! (See May 7 blog entry) I can't quite buy the excuse that the report was disseminated without the director of the department's approval (pul-LEASE!) but I do believe that prayer and a grassroots outcry had a lot to do with the change. Praise God!

Anyway, I am back to laundry and vacuuming and school projects [though two of those did involve delivering ingredients for making explosive devices to our school: both Billy and Teresa are doing volcanoes in class this week :) ] Once a terrorist, always a terrorist!


Arizona mom to eight said...

Imiss talking to you Joy, I forget to read your blog because my blog list says you have not posted in 3 months. I am so happy you are now Just a Mom again. I pray everyday for Steven to come home to you.


Amy L said...

Have you heard anything new? I'm praying that Steven is doing well and will be home with your family very soon!

Amy L said...

Praise God, I just saw your news on RR!