Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slightly Adoption Related

On May 4 we started working on passports for our 4 older children. As we told them, passports will be required for all of us next spring when we go back to Mexico. As we didn't tell them - - - and still haven't so 'shhhh' :) :)- - - we are thinking about taking one (possibly both) of our daughters with us to Ukraine since school will no longer be an issue. I am really excited about the possibility. I want to show her/them the sights of Kiev. I want her/them to see Steven on his turf and meet some of the other kiddos as well. I want her/them to expand their worldview and further develop Jesus-hearts. There is so much more to life than me-me-me.

Anyway, I'd never been through the passport process with minors before. First, on Monday (4th)I went to the post office and got two forms for each child: one was the regular application and the second was the form Kevin had to fill out and get notarized saying he was agreeing to our children getting passports (since he would be at work when we returned with the completed forms). Next we went to Costco and got 2 pictures of each child for $5 (the nice postal clerk told us about this savings--at the post office the pictures would have been $15 for each child!) On Tuesday Kevin got his forms notarized at the bank where I picked them up, put each one with the proper application form and proper birth certificate before heading to the post office with our crew in tow. (I also took their adoption decrees but didn't need them) There I had to present my photo ID. The clerk went through each application, attached the pictures in the right spots with the appropriate number of staples (I'm serious!) for one and a paper clip for the other photo. Then came the checkbook part: $60 apiece plus an extra $60 for the passport we needed expedited PLUS $100 to the Postmaster for execution fees. Quick way to get rid of $400!! (Gulp) Along the way I was told that it would be best if we also included a photocopy of Kevin's photo ID with each application so on Wednesday I photocopied his passport and took 4 copies to the post office where they joined the rest of the stuff already accumulated there.

This Tuesday (12th) Caleb and I went to Barnes and Noble where I looked through numerous volumes about Idaho that I had already seen a few months ago. I have so enjoyed the books about Kiev that I have purchased in Ukraine and am hoping that our facilitators, the orphanage director and the inspector will enjoy these beautiful photos of Idaho equally. I hope they will be glad to see the beautiful place that Steven will live.

Also I finally unloaded the sweaters, thermal underwear, hand warmers, toe warmers, gloves out of the suitcase since it is quite obvious we will not be needing them in June in Kiev. Of course, I came across the toothbrush that is in there for Steven. Caleb saw it and claimed it as his own. I told him, "no that is STEVEN's toothbrush." Then followed the longest 'conversation' I have had with Caleb concerning his new brother. I have talked to him about Steven lots of times but this time he seemed to be paying attention. I showed him the pictures of Steven on the cell phone. You could tell he was a bit confused about how this stranger got in pictures with Mommy and Daddy. And, of course, I showed him pictures of himself with Mommy and Daddy. It will be interesting to see how future discussions develop.

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a said...

youre so close! Enjoy Kiev in the summer, all of our adoptions have been COLD!! Amy