Sunday, May 24, 2009

The McClains

Sorry, I formatted this wrong so the pictures are a mess. The group shots here at the top are a very proud Momma (me) with our 5 kiddos in front of Arby's on Mother's Day.

Next there's a picture of Billy with his volcano project complete with plastic soldiers implanted in the mud

Here are Teresa and Scheri all prettied-up sitting on our piano bench.

Here's Caleb inside a roadway of blocks that he and I built.

These next pictures are from a special presentation Billy did for a Social Studies class on Native Americans here in Idaho. His special education teacher is seated at her desk

Then here is Scheri with the lovely Viceroy butterfly model she made for Science

And finally a shot of Papa (my dad) and Caleb drinking chocolate milk in Papa's kitchen while Mom and I worked on anniversary invitations

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