Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today Caleb (he was playing hooky) and I and my Mom made the two-hour trek to Boise. I was so proud of myself for thinking to print off maps/directions on Yahoo to get from one stop to the next. First,we picked up the corrected and notarized home study and the letter of social worker's employment from our adoption agency and enjoyed showing off Caleb to the workers there. Next, we took all the Idaho-originated documents over to the Secretary of State for apostilles. Unfortunately, I was told the letters of employment from H and M couldn't be apostilled at this time because the notaries only signed, dated and notarized but didn't have the proper notarial wording (on such and such a day, so and so personally appeared before me, __ a notary public, blah, blah, blah) She said if the notaries could squeeze that wording in on the current letters, that would be fine. Apparently this has not been such a big deal in the past--I know we got by with it just a year ago-- but they are being more strict about it now so . . . so. . . so I am not quite done with the Idaho portion of the dossier. RATS! I hope I can get these two letters rectified tomorrow or Friday and get them on their way for apostilles. And I am excited that we DID get 23 documents apostilled at $10 a pop.

Still waiting on letter from UPS in Virginia.

Though it was a 'business trip' we had a lot of fun today. While waiting on apostilles we got to spend about 1 1/2 hours at the Discovery Center--not even close to enough time. For those not familiar with this place, it is a fantastic hands-on, very kid-friendly science center and even rather ancient children such as I have a wonderful time there--especially when we had a free ticket for immediate family. Both to and from Boise Mom and I were talking so hard that the trip just flew by. In fact on the way home we were busily discussing Christmas dinner plans and I actually drove right on by our exit! It was hilarious.

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