Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm excited

Today I went to the UPS Store in Burley and photocopied all the dossier stuff we have (including the home study for our Eastern European country) plus the home study for USCIS--I think it was 41 pages total. Then I faxed the appropriate documents to our stateside helper. Finally, I overnighted the 4 page home study to the director of our adoption agency in Boise for her signature and notarization AND overnighted the 7 page home study to USCIS in Boise along with copy of workers license and copy of agency's license. (I made the mistake of showing Caleb how to help mommy by pushing the green button on the copy machine--at least I only ended up with 2 unnecessary copies including one blank one!)

I had thought I'd just drive to Boise today, collect signatures, make the USCIS delivery and get apostiles done while I was at it but Kevin reminded me we actually have 2 more documents I'd y have to apostil at a later date so I might as well save the drive and do it this way.

In case you're curious, I overnighted the documents by UPS since they have NOT lost any of our important adoption stuff so far.

Progress at last!

Please don't faint at me posting 3 days in a row--and don't imagine I'll make it a habit either :)

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Kathy and Matt said...

Great to hear that you're seeing progress. Since the whole process is so long, it helps to celebrate every little milestone!

Keep posting when you can. We're here following and love the updates.