Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Grief

Would you believe we are STILL waiting on our home study? Our social worker mailed it to our agency's main office in Boise and then they apparently mailed it back to her last week but as of yesterday (Wednesday) she had not received it. I had figured they would just mail it to me.

For this and other reasons I am feeling kind of discouraged today. I just wish the whole world were as happy about adoption as we are. I know God calls each of us to our own ministry but it boggles my mind that many other strong, Bible-believing Christians don't share my passion (and I believe, God's passion) for orphans--or at least concede that God could possibly be leading US toward another adoption even though He might be leading their own family another direction. It makes me sad that some think we are ruining our lives by adopting again.

I emailed the Commonwealth of Virginia yesterday to find out what's up with the document they received on Aug. 25 for authentification. Today I got a reply that they are checking on it so that is much appreciated.

I just got done changing the notarial wording on our dossier documents on the computer--now I hope we can find someone else who can work with Kevin's job hours. But in printing the new editions off I see I need to add a new printer cartridge to my shopping list.

Jesus will you please be Lord of our adoption hopes and dreams and of the timing of each step. My fretting and sticking by the computer for hours in case of some new message is not helping anything--not our adoption or my attitude or the condition of my house. Amen.


Amy said...

Joy, I am so happy that you are adopting Roman. I have loved that little boy since the first time I saw him. I will be praying that things pick up so you can go get that special little guy!:)

Mandy said...

Praying for you here Joy!!! I hope things speed up and you can put that paperwork behind you soon. Roman and Caleb are going to be the best of friends :)

Alice said...

Praying for you, Joy. It is discouraging when people don't understand. Sometimes I have to turn off the computer or leave the house for a while.:)

Kathy and Matt said...

More prayers being said on your behalf! It is so hard to be waiting during the process, but you're so wise to trust Jesus and his perfect timing.

Denise said...

Big hugs to you.i agree Roman is a sweet little guy.Saying prayers here too.Dont ya wish you could snap your fingers and the paper work be done?I wish it was that easy as we all do i am sure.