Saturday, September 27, 2008

Called for a purpose

OK, two letters of employment are on their way to Boise for apostille via UPS. They are to arrive on Monday. I also enclosed prepaid postage for overnight back to me. (Interestingly enough, paying both ways from this particular UPS office was cheaper than one-way from the office I used last week.) The third letter seems to be taking up residence in Virginia. Kevin called and left a message at the Human Resources Specialist's office--so far no phone call in reply.

An exciting thought occurred to me today: this adoption could actually happen!! We are getting so close to having paperwork completed.

I've missed sending dossier by end of August, I'm missing end of September--could it possibly happen by end of next week. Please God!!

On a totally non-adoption note, all 7 of us went to see Kung Fu Panda tonight. I thought the turtle-guy said something quite profound: the past is history, the future in mystery, now is a gift--that's why they call it 'present'. Also I liked the idea of needing to fulfill our God-given destiny (yes, I'm interpreting this from a Christian, rather than eastern mystical standpoint). God has made each and every one of us on purpose, for a purpose. I honestly believe that there is a unique individual 'something' that God puts in each of us that we can do better than anyone else on the planet. Like Kung Fu Panda, we may not feel like the Dragon Warrior, but if GOD has called us to do something, then we know we can fulfill His plan and purpose for our lives, with His help. . . . So maybe it DOES has something to do with adoption after all. :)


Lou said...

I LOVE Kung Fu Panda movie!!! And so glad your dossier is almost ready to get on over there! Praying that all your docs make it back in time to leave next week...

Christine said...

I love the turtle quote.