Monday, September 15, 2008

Yippee Skippee

We are the proud possessors of a really truly honest-to-goodness pre-adoption home study. Boise USCIS office, here we come!!!

I drove over to pick the paperwork up from our social worker and was able to get Caleb's 6 month post-placement interview done at the same time. The 6 month post-placement is not a requirement of Ukraine but of our adoption agency (maybe our state, too?) Ukraine does require yearly self-reports on the kiddos adopted from their country until the child is 18 but these do not necessitate the help of a social worker. Caleb was a hit as usual with almost everyone else in the office.

Oh this morning I had my eye exam and the optometrist asked about anything interesting going on in my life this year. Well of course I immediately told him about our trip to Ukraine and adoption of Caleb and about the fate of kiddos with DS in his country and our hopefully-upcoming trip to adopt another little guy from Eastern Europe and let him know there were plenty of other children there if he was interested.


Lou said...

YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Hope your I171H is soon to follow!

Mandy said...

YEAH!!!!! Way to go and get 'er done! Not much longer now!!! Has Caleb been home that long already????