Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Idaho documents are DONE

Wow, I did indeed get the apostilled copies of the last two letters back from the Secretary of State of Idaho today. Do you think R's home country would settle for 98% of a dossier :) Surely in the midst of these 50-some pages, they wouldn't miss one little letter would they. :)

Isn't it funny how the item that hangs you up in one adoption may not be a problem at all another time. I remember with Caleb we must have re-done Kevin's medical letter at least 6 times. This time we got it right the first time (well, I guess we'll know that for sure when our friends in yon Eastern European country say it's right--but it passed our stateside facilitator's approval anyway) Last time it took forever to get scheduled for USCIS fingerprints--this time it was almost immediate.

We all know the holdup this time around. But, please God, hopefully I'll soon be saying "Virginia document is done!"


AZmomto8 said...

Praying Joy, R is waiting for you!

McKenna said...

You're getting close!!

Lou said...

Praying for that piece of paper! Joy, can your stateside facilitator call them? Maybe that would spur them on? Or your senator or something? Squeak that wheel!